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    Default Premier Ocean View Room

    33 days and counting!!!! Has anyone stayed in a Premier Ocean View Room? Just wondering if it was worth it? Just booked Club Mobay for Arrival and Departure. Can't wait......

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    Premiere ocean rooms are great! Nice view of the sunrise in the morning, great views of everything! You're gonna love it.
    See you in 3 1/2 weeks!
    Jim & linda

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    Thanks Jim & Linda! Getting closer and closer. Anticipation is killing me!!!!! Where are you guys from? We are from Washington State.

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    OMG! We're almost neighbors! We're from Connecticut (the western side of it, though), so we're only like 12 states away! What are the odds?
    Can't wait to meet you, we could be cousins! (Actually, people thought that WE were cousins, but the DNA test proved that we weren't, so we were able to get married 29 years ago).
    Hopefully, you like my sick sense of humor, cuz I only know bad jokes.

    See you on the 17th!


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    LOL! We're going to get along great! My husband has that same sense of humor! See you there!!!

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