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    Does anybody know the activities and special event that occurs daily? Example "Steel Drum" "Beach Party" "Lobster night" "Repeat diner" and any other shows that we wouldn't want to miss.


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    What resort? Whichever resort, check the website!
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    Most of the activities are the same, resort to resort, but a list can be found on Select your resort, then select activities, there is a link to see the schedule there. However the special events are different and are on different nights, depending which resort you're going to... You can find the the special nights on too. Select your resort, then select bars and restaurants, at the bottom of the page is the list of special nights at that resort. If you're still deciding on a resort, you can also find a comparison list of inclusions at this link:

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    Go to the main website and pick your resort. Find and select the Activities Tab. Near the bottom of the page you will find a link called Social Schedule. This will give a general idea of the schedule for the resort.

    I give the link for the Tower Isle Social Schedule as an example.

    Also, when you check in you will get a Welcome Package. Take the time to look at everything in this Welcome Package. It should also have a more updated activities schedule.

    I know at CSA and CTI they also have a bulletin board of the day's activities near the entrance to the main dining area. At CTI if it in the Patio Restaurant. At CSA it is at Palms Restaurant. I would be willing to bet that the other resorts do the same thing. This is updated early every day, usually before lunch. Be sure to check this bulletin board at lest once a day as this will have the most up to date information.

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    Sorry I forgot to mention it.. Swept Away. Thanks

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    I also forgot to mention something. Lobster night is always on Friday. I think this is for all of the resorts. On Lobster Night they will serve Lobster in some form at each of the restaurants.

    Now that I know you are going to CSA, here is the link to the social activities schedule.

    This link is for the restaurants and will have sample menus. It will also have the hours and dress code for each restaurant. Some of the restaurants require a reservation. You cannot make reservations until after you are checked in to the resort. Find the concierge desk in the main lobby to make these reservations. Do this soon after you receive your room assignment.

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    Isn't lobster night at CSA on Saturday?

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    Lobster Night is not the same at all the resorts. The last time I was at CSS, Lobster Night was Wednesday.

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