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    Default Rum Cream? Rumchata

    I see many of the drink recipes call for Rum Cream. I'm not very well versed in alcohol types. Is RumChata a suitable type of Rumcream to use in these drink recipes at home?

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    They are different. Think of Rum Cream more like Bailey's Irish cream. Instead of whiskey, its made with Rum. the consistency is much different than RumChata
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    No! You're better off using Irish Cream. To make a long story short, horchata is a "nut milk" beverage, similar to almond milk, and Rum Chata is just a horchata with rum in it. Rum cream is a sugared cream beverage with rum in it, just like Irish cream is a sugared cream beverage with Irish whiskey in it. If you can't get rum cream, either follow one of the recipes posted on this board to make your own, or just substitute rum cream.
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    Probably not, it has a different flavor profile.

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    Imo, rum chata is horrible. I couldn't choke it down and had to give it away. I don't like the cinnamon flavor and it watery. I found a El dorado rum cream that's similar and I believe it's made in Gyana? Even Baileys irish cream made with whiskey is better or there is a home made rum cream recipe floating around on this site that's pretty good. Rum chata just isn't creamy. 74 sleeps until we can get the good stuff!!

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    It's close but it has a different flavor because of the spices added to Hochata. I got a real cinnamon flavor from the Horchata I tasted one time.

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