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Thread: Root beer at CN

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    Default Root beer at CN

    Does anyone know if the CN bars stock root beer? My wife is on a root beer kick lately and we heard rum or vanilla vodka and root beer makes for a tasty cocktail.

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    Vanilla liquor (whether vodka, UV cake, vanilla mcgillicuddys, or anything else vanilla) and root beer are AMAZING together!! It makes a root beer float.

    Also, coconut rum and 7up are great as well!
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    I'm not entirely sure what root beer is, so can't help specifically BUT if it is anything like ginger beer, get her to try a Dark and Stormy cocktail - dark rum, ginger beer, twist of lime. It may be the one for her - am getting thirsty just remembering!

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    Don think I've ever seen root beer at couples. Maybe you could check out the local store or bring some from home.

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    I don't know about CN but they did not at CSS in December 2012. I don't think they even know what it is in Jamaica. I gave some to our favorite bartender while we were there at that time, and she really liked it, but had never tried it, never even heard of it. I like to add it to rum cream for the same effect of a root beer float.

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    misskathyi2009 Guest


    I am writing down the names of these drinks they sound yummy

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    Quote Originally Posted by misskathyi2009 View Post
    I am writing down the names of these drinks they sound yummy
    Thanks for all the great replies. I think we'll bring our own stash of root beer. Can I assume that the bars stock vanilla-flavored vodka?

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    I love Dark and Stormys. Do they have ginger beer at Couples?

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    The fountain ginger ale at the bars at Couples is very good, but it's not as strongly ginger-y as the ginger beer I get in bottles here in the States. Still makes a pretty good dark & stormy.

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