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    Default Leaving for CTI soon...a few questions...

    First time vacationing at a Couples resort, so bare with me.
    I've just found this forum and read only a few threads.

    Is the Island 100% mandatory nude? You mean I can't go visit the island without bearing all? lol
    I heard this resort used to be an "swingers" it still the case? Am I or my partner gonna get hit on during our stay?
    I know I should of done more research before booking but price was right, location was beautiful and it's an all inclusive like we wanted!


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    Yes, the Island is 100% mandatory nude as are all of the Couples AN areas. Not clothing optional, not topless. You are expected to completely disrobe shortly after getting on the island. Kind of strange the first time.

    What we did. We asked the boat driver what would happen if we got on the island and decided that we didn't like it. He told us all we had to do was put our clothes back on and go to the dock and he would come right back to get us. We got to the island and found some empty chairs and got settled. Then we took off our clothes. For us, we were not comfortable doing this in a group and we kept to ourselves. Nobody bothered us. It wasn't so bad and we very likely will do it again. When we were ready to leave, we just put our clothes back on and went to the dock. Simple.

    It is not a Swingers type resort. In fact, get too frisky, even on the Island and you can find yourself escorted to the gate without a refund. Hitting on someone other than the person you came to the resort with will also get you into big trouble.

    This is a Couples resort. Most of the activities are Couples oriented. The absolute perfect place to be with the one you love.

    Here is a link that you may find useful. Read the official Couples start of this thread.

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    Thanks for your reply Mad Jack!
    Not sure if I'll make it to the island, but I can't wait to leave for our trip!

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    Just don't wait to the last day to try the Island, you may miss out on something you may like.

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    Try the island I'm very backwards and I hate my body, but my husband bugs me every year last year I broke down and I loved it. Did not go until last day which was a big mistake.

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    Try the island! It's not what you would think! We met so many great people on there. After 10 minutes you will forget where you are. I almost forgot my clothes when we went for the boat back!!! If you don't like it get up and leave the boat will pick you up almost immediately.

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    We are back and did not go on the island. We don't feel like we missed anything so no regrets on our part.

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    Tman - curious to hear what you thought of CTI? I am considering booking here (been to CSA with friends and enjoyed) but wondering how the social part of this hotel is... (minus the Island part ( Im pretty sure I wont be using) Is the hotel pools active and night life fun? We are going without friends for this next trip so hope to meet people. Thanks!

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    TRM - We mostly kept to ourselves but did meet a few great couples on beach buffet night!
    There are lots of activities during the day, either at the swimup bar or around the resort.
    It all depends what you are in the mood for!
    We were there as a new couple (3 months together) and as you may guess, it was a last minute booking (3 weeks before).
    We are very compatible regarding what we like to do, so we enjoyed our time together, by ourselves!
    We often visited the jacuzzi's, the ocean, walk around the resort and in the garden (read¦hammock), games room (ping-pong), Catamaran cruise, Dunn's falls, etc...
    Our favourite restaurant was 8 Rivers and Bayside.
    We often daydream of going back to lay in the hamac! I only wish those hamacs were closer to the ocean!!! They are in the garden But we had great conversations there and this permitted us to bond a lot!
    It all depends if you can both be alone together as a couple and not always have to have other people with you.
    Oh, and if you go to CTI, say hi to Karl who works in the bar...he made us some fantastic drinks!
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