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    Hi....just wondering what excursions we could do on Negril side and heard about this falls. Was wondering if re has done it? Length, cost,/worth? Lunch included, and any other info you may have?


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    We haven't done the YS Falls, but we did the Appleton Estate tour. That was fun and interesting. About a 90 minute drive, hour for the tour, cost was $90 per person, plus an extra $25 per person once you got there. My understanding is, the more that go, the less the cost. It was just the 2 of us.

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    We did the Black River/YS Falls tour in Oct 2012. We left at 8am and returned around 4pm. I think it was $90/person. We ate at a restaurant right at the Black River (that's just where they took us - we didn't have a choice). It was $10/person for that. It was just ok.....

    We thought the Black River was pretty cool b/c we got to see a lot of crocs in the water. The guide was able to "talk" to the crocs to get them to surface and feed them. Remember to bring cash to tip the guide!

    YS Falls was pretty neat too, but it was rainy when we went. My hubby swung into the water on a rope swing. (I was too nervous, ha). They did a good job of taking pics for us in the falls too, which was cool! Remember to bring cash to tip the workers there too.

    All in all it was a good experience and glad we did it once. Also don't forget to bring cash to tip your driver!

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    I went to YS Falls and the Pelican Bar with another couple when I was on a solo trip to Jamaica back in November 2012. The other couple booked the excursion and were looking for others to join them and reduce the per person cost. I volunteered. The base cost was US$150 (which we split 3 ways) with Joe Cool Taxi Service. This included transportation and some bottled water and Red Stripes in the van. It was an additional $US16 per person for addmission to the falls plus I tipped our guide at the falls who took pictures for me. Another US$10 per person to pay the fisherman to take us out to Pelican Bar. More cash for drinks or food at the Pelican Bar (but inexpensive). We also bought Joe and his trainee lunch at a roadside eatery. We also tipped Joe at the end. It was an all day affair but well worth the time and money in my opinion.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    We usually get a private driver for the day and hit a few things we like. Appleton Estate Rum Distillery is in the area of YS Falls as is the Black River. Time becomes the biggest problem choosing. YS Falls has several things you can do. There are nature trails, zip lining (lots of fun but costs extra), jumping off some of the falls into the water below, and swinging off a rope into the same pool of water. Bring your bathing suit and water shoes if you go. We had fun there. We combined it with the Appleton Estates. Fun tour to see and lots of rum to sample at the end. With our own driver we could stay as long as we wanted at each place. A quick stop along Bamboo Avenue along the way as well as a small local eatery for lunch that our driver knew was interesting. We had done the Black River with the crocodiles before but think trying to do all three in one day is too much time. You could also have your driver stop at Rick's Café on the way back and see a few cliff divers. We usually only plan one day off resort as we love CSA and walks on the Seven Mile Beach.

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    We did the YS falls, black river and appleton tour in 2012. We enjoyed it, it is an all day excursion if you do all three. We scheduled it through the CSA tour desk it was very simple. We're doing this excursion again this year, we are bringing my parents. I liked the falls the employees took pictures and were really nice and helpful. I did the rope swing it was really fun, the water is cold though.

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