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    Default Does CSS have the sunset catamaran?

    My wife and I were torn between the CTI and the CSS. I scuba dive, she golfs, and we both love catamaran excursions. I see a sunset catamaran in the included activities for CTI but not for CSS. Is it not offered for CSS?

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    CSS does not offer a cat cruise because the reef surrounding it is too shallow to allow the cat close enough to the resort.
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    No, CSS doesn't have an included catamaran excursion. They can't get a catamaran up to CSS because of the reefs and, despite many requests, there's been no attempt to offer to take guests to a location (i.e. CTI) to experience one. There are catamaran cruises that can be purchased through the tour desk though.

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    I still do not understand why CSS is excluded from the catamaran. Both times (2 different visits) we were fortunate enough to go to CTI we went on the catamaran cruise and BOTH times we were not picked up at CTI but were shuttled to the dock where the catamaran was. Quite frankly, the dock did not seem to be all that distant from CSS and should be no reason they could not run a shuttle from CSS to the cat dock. We managed to convince 2 other couples to join us at CSS and I'm just hoping they are not too dissappointed about being left out of this particular activity.

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