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    When we were there last (2008), I remember some nights the palms was a buffet but some nights we ordered off of a menu. Has anyone been there recently that can tell me what is happening each night? Heading back soon! Thanks!

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    The only time the Palms has a buffet at dinner is when the Beach Party gets moved inside due to rain.
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    When we were there in October, most nights were order off of the menu. They did still have a pasta bar and salad bar to chose from. They only exceptions that I remember were on International Night and the Shipwreck beach party. These were both buffet only.

    Only complaint with the Palms is that I wish on the order off the menu nights they had more options.

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    We were there twice last year. Seems there was a Mediterranean buffet and Italian buffets in addition to beach party and International buffet.. We too thought ala carte choices were few

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    Just got back yesterday and they told us buffet Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Other days are menu with a limited buffet (pasta and salad station).

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    When did the Italian one start? in 12/2012 they had moved up to 3 buffet nites, Int, beach and Med, now it's 3, too bad.
    4 nites out of 7 is a bit much.

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    Buffet is still three nights. The other nights nights is menu but they do have a pasta station in addition to the menu. Didn't mean to imply it was another buffet night.

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