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    I just read that the rainiest months in Negril are May and November. I never would have guessed May. I thought it was Sept-Nov? We have been to Jamaica twice, both in Oct, and we just had short showers for the most part - which was awesome. We are planning to go in May 2015 (hopefully). Just wondering who has been there in May and what your weather was like. I know it's in the Caribbean, so many of you will say what I already said - short showers. But still I'm curious what others have experienced. Thanks!

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    Went in May twice before and going again this year. It rains almost everyday a little in the afternoon. Had one day last trip where it stormed all day and it turned out to be the most fun as we huddled under the swim up bar making new friends. Obviously it's not enough to keep us away in May. I think the catamaran cruise got cancelled one night because of rain but they added another one later because of it.

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    We always travel in May and in the last 6 years, we have maybe seen 2 rain showers (daytime) that totaled 1 hour. Don't look at the weather report before going. It will only stress you out.

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    We stayed at CSA last May 10-17 and the only rain we got was on the 17th on our way back to the airport to come home. Weather was perfect!!

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    Our first trip to CN May 2012 we arrived in a raging thunderstorm. Cleared up by the time we checked in. Short showers most days then lots of sunshine very muggy. Humidex usually 45C most days. We loved CN and are returning in 32 days for two weeks.

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    Haven't been in May but at CN in Dec. we got a little rain here and there - afternoon sprinkles, early eve and cat cruise, as well as at CSA trading places. Decided CN is nicer place to be if it rains. You can hop building to building easier, the covered grill area is nicer and larger, the lobby is way nicer with a view and swing seats, and generally has a more social central area. At CSA we saw the black clouds coming and thought... where to go? The beach bars aren't very large or offer much protection, the lobby has no bar or much atmosphere. So it's either a restaurant or the grill, which is where we went. It got pretty full.
    In May I would personally choose CN.

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    It rains a little every day. It has never been a problem. We have been in May 4 times at CSA and a snorkeling trip got canceled once. No Problem

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