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    Chris and Brent

    We will be at CTI (Couples Newbies) Feb 19-26, our first time in Jamaica. We typically go to larger resorts in the DR but thought it was time for a change -- so CTI was our pick after reading so many wonderful reviews. Knowing that the beach is somewhat small, can anyone recommend a beach in Ocho Rios worth visiting?

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    CTI has a nice beach. No real need to go to a crowded public beach when CTI has a private beach.

    We return to CTI in 38 days. Maybe we will see you there.

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    Sign up for romance rewards, do the trading places to css and check out their beaches. Sunset beach (nude) is small but pretty if you are brave . Its pretty fun to check out another couples resort too.

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    The beach is on the small side, but give it a chance before seeking another beach to visit. The beach is plenty large enough to accommodate all guests, and there's a great mix of sun and shade available throughout the day.

    There is a beach that appears to be public roughly halfway between CSS and CTI, so watch for that on the shuttle from the airport.

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    thanks for the details - will see you at CTI in February....!!

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    Thanks for the tip - I have been trying to sign up for romance rewards but have encountered some difficulties - will keep trying.

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    I would not go to a public beach.

    You would be sitting on sand instead of a nice lounge chair with a float, you might be able to purchase a pepsi instead of having unlimited wonderful free drinks, no restaurants on the beach instead of the great veggie bar at CTI and the pool grill. Who is going to watch your stuff while you walk down that beach or get into the water, no worries about that at CTI.

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    all valid points -thanks for this. We will see about trading place with CSS once to get a feel of another beach and we can enjoy their grill, and wonderful drinks -- we can hardly wait to be at CTI!

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