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    Default Tommywommy loves and misses CTI.....Hugs

    Well,it's been 6 months and I continue to miss CTI and it's staff..Peggy and I had a wonderful trip there this pass April.

    CTI's GM Leonard Henry and his staff took great care of Peggy,our group and I.

    Thanks again CTI for such outstanding visit.

    Peggy and I highly recommend CTI to everyone.
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    Tommy it nice to hear you say that. Maybe we have converted you to the Ocho Rio side of life.

    Maybe one of these day we will try CN, but CTI is our home. We have tried so many other resorts in Jamaica and found one that ROCKS, so it hard for us to change.

    One Luv===> Couples Resorts!!!!!!!!
    Irie Mon

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    Default CTI vs CN

    Have you defected from CN? Are the salty dogs at CTI as good?

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    Hey Tommy! I'm feeling your pain. We have been CTI loyalists since 1996 but due to renovations, we have spent the past two years at CSS first, and then CSA. We absolutely fell in love with CSA last year and feel a little guilty about it. Of course we're returning to CTI this coming April but we wouldn't hesitate to go back to CSA again. I guess it just goes to speak about the wonderful diversity of the four resorts.

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    April 2010 soon come brother.


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    Aleebama....No,I have not defected from CN...I just have also fallen in love with CTI and CSS..I never thought that I could add another Couples inside my heart but I have added CTI and CSS right next to my beloved CN.

    CN,CSS and CTI are all totally different but Peggy and I love each and every difference.All of the resorts employees are truly outstanding and we feel at home at all three...I do recommend these three to everyone.

    CN..CSS..CTI.....Oh,how I love typing these letters.

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    Ok, we listened and took your word for it. Made our final CTI pymt today. Can't wait!

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    Now you know you are teasing those at CSA.

    By the way have YOU booked yet?

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    Dad(rdyjmjm)...We have our figures together and will book CN and CSS "today"..CSA will have to remain in our future.
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    Aww..How I miss CTI and her staff.
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    Sure am missing these wonderful employees.
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    And missing all of them.
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    We are booked at CN and CSS for next April..It was a very tough decision to make..We can only visit our beloved CTI on a Trading Places Day on Wednesday April the 21st..No way could we book CSS and not go to CTI..I have plans for some our friends staying at CTI to hide us out longer than the 10 AM unti 4 PM time slot...I hope Randymon,Couples and CTI do not read this..I will post SOME of the reasons we miss CTI.
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    And a few more reasons we miss our beloved CTI.
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