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    Default NFL at CSA and other newbie suggestions

    NAMES: Shana & Paul
    AGE: 30ish & 60ish
    DATES OF TRAVEL: Jan 9-15
    TRIPS TO COUPLES: first time
    ROOM TYPE: Beachfront something or other
    WHERE ARE YOU FROM: South Jersey (15 minutes outside Philadelphia)
    WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO: Paul: golf, golf, golf, weather Shana: relaxation, beach, ocean, discovering Jamaica, couple time, no ESPN (I hope!)
    WILL YOU GO A/N: Based on what I've read, not an option at CSA. If topless is acceptable, sure.
    DRINK YOU'RE LOOKING FORWARD TO: Diet Pepsi & coffee
    KIDS: Lucy the Pitbull-Corgi
    LEVEL OF EXCITEMENT: 10 (regarding going away in general). 7 (regarding Couples bc I'm not sure what to expect).

    Hi everyone. My husband booked our trip as a surprise and just told me the details last week. Typically I make all of our plans after doing a lot of research, so I'm a bit nervous as I don't know anything about CSA (or Jamaica for that matter). This may be our only trip to Jamaica, so I want to do more than just sit on the beach for 5 days; I want to do something that is unique to Jamaica. Suggestions?

    Now on to the issue that brought me to these message boards: Paul is from Boston and is a huge sports fan. Apparently the Patriots are playing an important game on January 11th and it will be televised on CBS. Will he be able to watch the game at CSA?? I'm trying to figure out if we should explore waterfalls or ride horses on the beach, and he just wants to watch the game! Lol

    Thanks for reading.

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    Wow, smart dude! Yes you'll be able to watch nfl gsmes either across the road at the sports complex or in your room. We've watched 2 superbowls on the beach there actually.
    There are endless activities on and off resort or you can just chill on the gorgeous beach. The greens fees are included but you have to rent a cart and tip your caddie of course at Negril hills. Don't miss the catamaran cruise and take a bottle of bubbly down to the beach and watch the beautiful sunsets(you can order bubbly in your minibar).
    If you'd like a few pics of csa, email me at
    Trip #6 to csa for us in 104 sleeps for our vow renewal, can't wait, congrats, you're going to have a great time

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    Shana - Have a great time at CSA. Please promise to come back to this thread upon your return home and tell us how your trip compared to what you wrote above.

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