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    Default Wedding Vow Renewal Pics

    We renewed our vows on our trip August 2013! It was out 10th Anniversary. Rather than post the pics here I'll post the link to the Facebook album - the album is public so you should be able to see it if you're logged in.

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    what a totally beautiful dress

    all blessings on you both

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    Very nice! Can't wait for our renewal in April. (10 years too)

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    Thanks for sharing! We were married in the gazebo three years ago and your poses and happy smiles bring back great memories!

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    Congratulations! Your pictures are lovely! We love CSS and CSA...hard to choose! But we are renewing our vows at CSA in August to celebrate 25 years together. Hope our renewal is as nice as yours!

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    Thanks everyone! We truly had the best time of our life!! I don't know if you could tell or not but in the beach pics after the renewal it was pouring rain! We were actually on SSB having those pics taken. What made it really fun (and unique) was that the photographer was (rightly) concerned about getting his camera wet. Since neither of us could hold the umbrella for him we asked one of the SSB guests to do so. He and his wife came over to help - completely nude of course! So we had a naked guy holding an umbrella over the photographer as he took pics of us in the pouring rain! Classic!

    {BTW, we knew the couple as SSB was our typical hangout}.

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    Wow! That would be hilarious

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