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    Default Repeater Question

    The wife and I will be returning to CN in a couple months and I have a been thinking...has anyone ever been let down the second time around? Before our first trip to CN we really didn't have any expectations on what to expect. Looking back to our first adventure, we were actually blown away with our whole experience. Food, resort, staff, EVERYTHING. Now for our second trip, we know what to expect....but has anyone's second trip ever been less than from their first? Should we try and leave the "so called" expectations at home and just go with the flow?

    Hope this all makes sense....any thoughts or suggestions would be wonderful.

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    We have always felt more comfortable and relaxed about going when we are going for our 2nd time to a resort we really love and were blown away by. It is stress free because you already know the lay of the land so to speak, and can just immediately relax and de-stress. That has been our experience on the 2nd times.

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    I will tell you we had the exact opposite experience our second trip. I was so worried about being disappointed because the first time was so over the top awesome and how could it be topped? And knowing how good it is, can it still match up? The answer was YES it can still match up. I think the second time was more fun than the first because of things we learned during the first trip and were able to do things sooner the second trip for that knowledge. And after the 5th trip in November, it was still awesome. I think you know what to expect and it meets those expectations, or exceeds. I would say don't worry about being disappointed.

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    Yes and No

    After (15) trips to Jamaica we were staying next door at GLN and we would walk by Couples and one day we walked up there and looked around and then our next trip we decided to try CN. We stayed there (3) times and we were not disappointed but just needed a change of scenery so we tried CSS, then CSA, now CTI for (2) trips in a row. We visited a couple of resorts in Cancun between the last CN trip and the CSS trip and we were a little disapointed with the resorts in Cancun. They were nice and glitzy but really large and it took forever to get to the beach, always afraid of drinking something with the untreated water so back to Couples.

    You could be disappointed by your room location or the weather on the # of people there that particular week. We try to always have fun regardless and usually do not complain about the food or room, we have only asked one time in many trips to couples to move our room and that was at CSS because we like to stay up late and we were in block B next to the restaurant and it was noisy early in the morning so they moved us to A block and it was perfect.

    We will probably go back to CN at some point but we are really happy with CTI now

    I wish that Couples would open a resort closer to the Airport so that we could try that one in the future.

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    I don't think it will be so much a 'let down' as it will be the fact that the novelty of the first visit is no longer there.
    On the other hand the apprehension of the unknown will also not be there and it will be easier to relax and let go.
    You know what to expect and therefore you will better know how to work with your vacation to make it better.

    Were there things you wish you had thought of, brought, or done that would have made the first time even better?
    Well, now you get to do that.

    We are going to CN for our second visit this Christmas and even though I know what to expect, I'm still excited.
    Mostly because it's a chance to get away and unplug for a while.
    This time however, we talked some friends into going with us for their first time.
    So even though we won't have the novelty of the first time, we will get to experience sharing their first time and that adds to the excitement for us as well.

    It won't be 'new' for you but it is still a wonderful experience and the more you go the better it can get.

    I might elaborate more when we get back from our second time (6 more days!!!)

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    Our second trip was to Tower Isle before it was a Couples. No "let down". We found many new things about Jamaica that we missed on our Honeymoon. We are now approaching trip number 79 to CTI and we look forward to discovering new experiences.

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    We are going on our 4th CN trip in a few months. I can understand your thoughts about the same place...all I can say is, because you now know what you will encounter, you will be far more relaxed sooner than the first visit...and on the third trip even more, etc. We plan to just keep going because it is all we expect, want and look forward to experiencing!

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    We were just like you before our 1st and 2nd trips to CN. Now we are just a couple months away from our 7th visit there. We have been blown away every time. We have been to other Couples resorts and every time we walk into the lobby at CN and up to the railing and see the pool, we know we are back in paradise!
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    In 8 trips.... I have never been let down... Things change...but just go with the flow!!!

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    I have thought about the same thing. Last May we went to CSA and we loved it. We have never ever returned to the same resort before, always trying something new. And it's not because we never enjoyed our other vacations, we just felt we wanted a change of scenery and experience. Well 3 weeks ago we rebooked to return to CSA in May 2014.

    There was so many positives in returning to CSA, it was a very easy decision to make since we know that in those first 7 days, we really didn't get to do everything we wanted to, so now we get to have some closure!! My wife always leaves me in charge of researching a vacation and she really puts a lot of trust in me to select something we both would like, and for the very first time, I don't have to stress about choosing a new spot!!

    But then I think about how great last May was and if our expectations will be different returning to same resort. How do you not compare everything on your new vacation to what you experienced on your last trip? In reality you can't and we will have to go with the same mindset as all our previous vacations, to just go with the flow and have a positive attitude and soak in the beauty of CSA and Jamaica. In May 2014 we will be considered returnees for the first time and we can't wait to see if visit #2 will be as good as #1 or it could very well be even better!! How great would that be!!

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    For us, NOT. A. CHANCE. of disappointment! That's why we've been 5 straight years and are already booked for Nov 2014.
    Janice and Keith in FL

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    I understand completely, our first trip was so great we worried that the second trip couldn't live up to it, specially after we had a whole year to build it up on our mind. Our second trip was even better then the first. We knew the lay out of resort, which places had what for dinner and dress code, generaly knew what to expect and this helped us get in vacation mode as soon as we got to resort. Our second trip was even better then the first. Yes most things will be similar food and entertainment wise but the guest will be different. Go with no expectations other then having another amazing trip, look forward to the things you enjoyed last time and find something new this time. Our 5 trip is only 204 days away and that nothing compared to some who have gone 30 plus times.

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    We will be making our second trip to CN this June. We wonder the same. Will it live up to our expectations that we've developed since the last time we went? Our first trip was to CN for our honeymoon in 2009, the second was to CSS in 2013 (because we just couldn't wait any longer and wanted to check out another resort), and our 3rd trip will be back to CN in 2014, for our 5th anniversary. We have no expectation that when we arrive at the resort early afternoon, that they will have the room ready, and that it will have our mini-fridge stocked. No expectation that we'll have the building number we requested. No expectation that we're going to be able to dine in all the restaurants we want, when we want. No expectations to find a seat at the pool-bar every time we go. There are lots of things we are trying not to expect, so that we will still be pleasantly surprised like our last two trips.

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    We just did our second trip to CSA, and while there booked our third - I guess that sums up our experience - awesome again!

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    Second trip was just as good as the first!! Had a wonderful time and was actually more relaxing (if possible) as we didn't feel the need to do some activities that we had done on the first trip because they were available.

    Kurt and Angela
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    CSS 2014, 2016, 2017

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    We are going back to CN in 35 days for trip #5. The repeaters dinner was/is great. We've never been disappointed with the food. A staff person sits at every table to talk and mingle, which is nice to hear about them. Last year, we had the head chef at our table and when something didn't go right, the waiters for our table knew it. I thought everything was fine, but something wasn't done right and he left them know it. It's an enjoyable time.

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    I was worried about that one as well. As it turns out, it was just a bit easier to fall into our "beach" routine. We knew where everything was, and how the flow of the resort went. This allowed us to relax and just take it in. You never get the wow factor of first impressions again, but we'd trade that for the comfort of knowing how much we're going to be spoiled for the next week!

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    We were not at all disappointed. Yes, there were not so many firsts. So the second trip was a little different but still just as nice. The service, the staff, the resort will be mostly the same as always.

    We have decided to change things up a little. We still go to Couples resorts. We went to CSA twice. We have been to CTI once with another trip planned for February 2014. We are pondering CN for 2015 or 2016. After that, maybe back to CSA. By then, the resort will have been remodeled so things will be different again.

    You may have noticed no CSS on our to do list. We would expect CSS to be just as nice as any of the other Couples resorts. However, there are lots of steps at CSS and my wife has problems with steps. This is the only reason why it is off of our list. But even this may change. We intend to take a day pass to CSS on our next trip just to see for ourselves.

    Something about the Couples chain of resorts. They have a very high percentage of repeat customers. This speaks volumes.

    Enjoy your stay.

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    It was the same for us...on our first visit we didn't know what to expect and so were completely "blown away" by all that Couples had to offer. In all the visits we've had since then we can honestly say that we've never been disappointed. Some trips were better because of knowing what to expect and getting to do the things we've looked forward to since our last visit. We've also found that it can be like the "first visit" all over again if we don't go with any expectations and look for what's new as well as to do something new during that stay. Go with the expectation of enjoying time with that special someone, in a place that's special, with the most fabulous resort staff. Then just let everything else happen...and enjoy the first time feeling all over again!!

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    We're on our 2nd trip to CSA right now. We haven't been let down at all. In fact, we feel like we never left. It is simply wonderful.

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    Mad Jack don't let the stairs at CSS keep you from checking it out. I need total knee replacement in both knees so stairs are not my friend. They will drive you up and down and the stairs are very shallow with lots of places to rest.

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    Default's all good!

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    Our first trip to CN, we liked the room decor so much that when we returned we found platform beds, round pillows and tapestry hangings, and furniture for 2 of our children's rooms that was similar to the CN rooms. We were used to the 'S' resorts and their 4 poster beds so we really loved the look of the rooms at CN. I believe that we even contacted the main office of Couples to try and find out where they purchased the room decor and furniture from.

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    I'm only disappointed that the soft ice cream machine doesn't open before 11:00, and that I can't get patties for breakfast! . We go to CSA twice a year. Our countdown begins the day we return home each time. 121 days to go....

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    We were disappointed in our 2nd and 3rd trips to CN, so much that we actually switched to CSS on the 3rd go round. It happens, not very frequently, but it does happen.
    Jamie & David
    CN 11/2005 & 10/2008 & 11/2011
    CSS 9/2007, 9/2009, 9/2010, 11/2011, 9/2012, 9/2013
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