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    Default Stand up paddle boarding which resort?

    Looking for a resort in Jamaica that has stand up paddling. I see she activity is not listed anywhere

    Could anyone recommend which resorts has this?

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    I know they have them at CTI, at least they had them a coupe of years ago. I saw them used there in 2012.

    Look at the activities page for CTI. What are the people doing at the first picture on the left right next to the water activities section? Looks like a stand up paddle board to me. You can even see the Bayside restaurant in the background.

    I have a suggestion if you want to know for certain. Use the Couples contact page and ask. You should get a friendly reply in your email inbox in a few days.

    Follow this link below
    All Inclusive Couples Resorts | Contact Us - General Inquiry

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    CSA does.

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    We did stand up paddle boarding at CSA. They have those plastic ones, but they also have one real board.

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    CSA had paddles boards and we had never done it before. Friends that were with us started doing it in the morning and they were hooked. We gave it a try and really enjoyed it. We saw tons of star fish and other little fish. The highlight was a big sting ray that was swimming around and we were right on top of it! Too cool. I'm not sure what resorts have the paddle boards, but I know CSA does and we loved them.

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    We have them at CTI

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    Couples swept away for sure because I used them last year. Not sure about the other couples resorts.

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    The water is so clear at csa you csn see the star fish way out by the swimming ropes, it's awesome!

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    I never saw anyone do that at CSA before. I can't wait to try it now.

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    they had them at CSS as well when we were there in April 2013.

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    CN had a couple nice SUPs and is by far on the most calm and protected waters of the 4.

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    I know CSA and CN have them.

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    I think they all do.

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    CN does, too. Great place to learn.

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    CN has them plus I suspect Bloody Bay could be perfect for that (my guess is that the water is slightly calmer).

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