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    Just curious if you can get food at the beach grill and bring it back to your chair on the beach to eat. Also, what are the causal beach lunch options.


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    Absolutely you can take it to your beach chair. You have the beach grill and Cassava, if you have a bathing suit cover up (for women) and trunks and t-shirt for the guys. It is pretty casual but you do have to have something to cover. Those are the only two options for lunch.

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    We took our food to the beach a couple of times. No problem! Their onion rings are to die for. There will be burgers, jerk chicken, sandwiches and daily specials. I had a turkey wrap one day. You will order at the lunch counter. They will give you a number and call you when your order is ready. All food is made to order so get a cocktail for it will take a few minutes but the food is wonderful. We never ate at the lunch buffet during our week.

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    You can eat your food wherever you like, but you will want to stay within a good distance of the grill, so your buzzer goes off when its ready. You can also take the buffet food to the beach, as nothing at CN is more than a 30-second walk to the beach.

    At the Beach Grill, you can get a couple different burgers, snapper sandwiches, grilled cheese, jerk chicken, onion rings, fries, chicken wings, salad bar, soup, Jamaican patties, chips with cheese, guac, sour cream, etc., ice cream, soda, coffee/tea, and there is a full bar under the same roof. The buffet has a bunch of other stuff, too. You can take food from either of the lunch options to anywhere at the resort.
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    Great! Thanks for the replies....14 days away!

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    Just watch for the little white birds with the long necks (not pelicans) they will steal your food!
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