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Thread: secrets of css

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    Default secrets of css

    I saw one on cn..and thought it would be nice to see what the repeaters have to say about css

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    <font size=2>
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    I have a list I composed. We just returned from CSS and we did 14 of the 16 on my list. If you want a copy, feel free to e-mail me,
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    Here are links to some of the other Secrets of CSS threads:

    Now that we are doing the double digit dance, it was nice to do the search and re-read some of the suggestions! We have been to CSS 5X and there are still secrets that are learning about!
    I was updating my "CSS bucket List" and added a few things:
    Activity: take a bike ride, a tennis lesson or cooking class, and try Yoga, maybe even on a paddleboard!
    Dining: Order room service, have dinner at Bella Vista by the water's edge, have drinks late somewhere quiet (chessboard, SSB, patio by the lobby pool), keep working my way through the drink menu at the pool bar!
    Personal: try NOT to get sunburned or over plan (I need a lot of help and grace to get those accomplished!)
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