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    We are returning to CSA in August for our Vow Renewal. I was curious as to whether anyone has done the lantern lighting on the beach at CSA? I know it's offered at CSS with a private dinner but haven't seen it mentioned at CSA. Also I'm wondering if i could bring my own since they're on Groupon all the time. I think it would be a perfect addition to our Renewal and dinner on the beach. Anyone?

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    Not to be a downer, but keep this in mind.

    Although beautiful, Chinese lanterns can hurt animals after they land if they are eaten. They can also cause brush fires. Over water, the maritime authorities sometimes mistake them for rescue/distress flares.
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    We actually had a Chinese Lantern release ceremony on the beach 2 years ago at CSA. It was in memory of a friend we'd met at CSA about 5 years before then. The last time we were there together, she and her husband were there for their 29th visit. We were planning to meet back there for their 30th return; however, she became ill and died before then.

    The ceremony was arrainged by Shellyann Simpson, the Guest Relations Manager at CSA. I sent her an email before we arrived and she took care of everything. I was beautiful and so very touching.

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