94 days to go and now I'm starting to get nervous about the details of this upcoming vacation. Why? Because worrying is what I do best!

I booked my trip through a travel agency and I just got an email saying they have changed who they partner with for hotel transfers and excursions at their destinations. Can someone reassure me that Couples will handle all that for me, even if I've booked through a TA?

Also, I had already booked the Mobay departure service when I booked my trip, but after reading the message board, decided I would really like the arrival service as well. I asked my TA if I could add it and they said they don't offer the arrival service! In fact, the girl I talked to didn't even know there was such a thing. What does that mean? Am I out of luck or can I just book it some other way?

Any advice and/or reassurance would be greatly appreciated!!!