Dear Couples Management,
A group of six of us was at the Couples Negril resort last week, October 6th through the 13th. Four of us were returning guests. I would like to give your staff the highest praise, but I would also like to call out a few people in particular.
My wife had an unfortunate ailment that required us to visit the nurseís station several times in the days that we were there. Our 2nd day, after visiting the nurseís station, we found out that my wife was having an allergic reaction to a few insect bites. Nurse Udima was amazing! My wife needed to get a shot and Nurse Udima kept her calm, and administered the shot with no pain to my wife.
The next few days we had to visit the nurseís station a few more times. The 3rd day Dr. Foster determined that my wife had a kidney infection. Nurse Ricardo did a great job of soothing my wife. He administered 3 shots for this with minimal discomfort. The next day she felt better. Then the following day and night were the worst. She was up all night vomiting and had severe back pain. We called Nurse Ricardo early in the morning and explained this to him. He said that he was going to call Dr. Foster and have him meet us at the Nurseís Station. He called back and said that Dr. Foster was fairly certain that she had kidney stones. He wanted her to go to the hospital for some tests to make sure though. After the pain that she had been going through the previous days though, she just wanted to go home. Nurse Ricardo was very understanding and comforting to her. He said that he understood and that she didnít want to go to the hospital there, but would need to go to a hospital and that he would help arrange for her to get home. He came to our room to give her the medication, three more shots, needed for the travel home.
I cannot thank them enough for the way that they handled themselves during this time, as my wife was in excruciating pain, they made her feel better.
Thank you for having a medical staff that is as professional as they are.
On a less dramatic note, Kiev was also great. He definitely made the difference in the time that we had out of the room. Every time he saw us he made sure to come up and ask how we were doing by name. In all, congratulations on having a superior staff.

Albert and Shannon McManus