I love that Couples stepped out of their comfort zone and rebranded on another island. We stayed at CB and had an outstanding time earlier this month, great beach/property/food...(but not sure how they could've handled full occupancy w.out adding onto the resorts facilities even further) I'm sure it was a bigger headache than Couples expected and to see Sandals swoop in and takeover is upsetting to me as a Couples fan and now proud repeater. It's like seeing your rival in high school beat you on the football field and take your girlfriend after the game...ok, so I exaggerate a bit...lol However...come on Couples, stop backing down and go get em! Time to open a resort in St Lucia and start tapping into that market that Sandals dominated! Anyways, good to see they made the effort (not sure if they had the option to match Sandals offer?) and hoping for many more resorts around the Carribbean in the near future...GO COUPLES! Sandals can keep the girlfriend, you go get their Prom Queen!