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    Does anyone know if the Resort Credit can be used towards excursions?

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    No they can't. The resort sets up the excursions for you but they do not run them so you cannot use their credits towards the external excursions.

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    Unfortunately no. The paid excursions are all through third parties.
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    From the Couples site under Romance Rewards........*A resort credit may be applied to room category upgrades (subject to availability), spa and salon services, private dinners, photos and photo packages from resort photographers, telephone charges dialed from room, general manager's special wine list, night snorkeling, night dives, gift shop or romance packages. Resort Credit is non-transferable, non-redeemable and expires at check-out.

    Hope this helps answer your question.

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    No. The excursions are by an outside vendor.
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    No, they can't.
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    We are planning to book for Jan - and wondering what you can and can't use the resort credits for services?

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    Spa Services, gift shop purchases, Private Dinners, Purchase of premium wines, phots shoot, photos.

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    Mama2789......... I posted a link from the Romance Rewards on the Couples page that answers this questions.

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