So my wonderful husband has agreed to a trip to csa next october (yay!)
This time we've decided that we are going to be even smarter when booking our flights. We live in Madison, wi so in order to make it to mbj there are always at least one to two stops.
In the past we have driven to Milwaukee late at night, slept on the ground in the airport in order to get their 6 am flight. That shoots us to Charlotte or atl and usually in to mbj around 1. Not bad.
Last time we paid more, flew out of Madison to o'hare to catch their early am non-stop that should have arrived before noon. Better, however things went wrong in Madison and we were routed all over the country and finally made it to the resort around 10 pm. Not so great.
What I want to know is where have you all flown out from non-stop to arrive early.
As of now we may fly to NYC in the eve, say hi to pals and catch a 6 am flight from JFK that gets to mbj by 9:45. We figure it may cost a bit more, but having another day on the beach is worth it.
All suggestions and help are appreciated

I'm soooo excited!