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    We just had our travel agent book it for arrival only. 30 bucks a person. We arrive on a week from Sunday at 2:15. Friends will already be at CSA waiting for us so we are going to try and get there as fast ax possible!

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    How many of you have arrived on a Saturday in September? How many immigration booths did they have open? We usually get the earlier flight that gets in at 11:30 and have no problems but we couldn't get it this year so we get in at 12:55. The flight schedules say that there are 4 flights that land 30 mins before us and another 3-4 that land between 1:00 and 1:05 on the 21st. I think I am talking myself into getting the arrivals service for us...

    Funlover - Who is your travel agent? That is a good deal. I have only seen the arrivals for ~$50 a piece.

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    Make sure you are booked for arrival - not departure. Last time I checked you couldn't buy arrival only. It was $30 for departure only or $80 for arrival and departure. I would be really happy if you can buy arrival only packages for $30.

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    I completely agree with you! Spending so much on travel insurance and it's done without a any hesitation, what is another $160 for something you do use and makes your trip that much more hassel free. This is the reason for the questions I started with this posting. We didn't really didn't care how much it cost, just if they really deliver what they promise of "Escorted & Fast Tracked through Immigration & Customs" since we travel on Saturday for both arrival & departure.

    Thank you for including the pdf information on Club Mobay.
    64 Days for CSA and counting down

    Quote Originally Posted by lsm1212 View Post
    Here are the details:
    Club MoBay VIP Departure Only: 30.00 US$ per person

    Club MoBay VIP Arrival Service and Departure Lounge. 80.00 US$ per person

    I'm sure they offer just arrival but not sure what the cost and details of that are (probably $50 pp but you would need to contact them for details). Hubby and I just do the bundle of both. I book it when I book the resort online (we do airfare later unless Couples has a good deal on flights as well) and then I contact them separately per their request (via e-mail) with my flight information either then or later on depending on when I have it. You can also book the Club MoBay VIP right before you go. I think it has to be at least 3 days in advance??? Might want to check on that as well. I always book it with the resort and then send flight details later (if I don't already have them) as I know we will always use it.

    We think it's well worth it. We could do w/o the Departure but it's only $30 more per person so why not? It's a lovely lounge and free food/drinks. For us, $160 for less hassle since we arrive on Sat and leave on Sat? You bet. MBJ is ALWAYS packed then but those are our best days to travel. Like I said earlier, we are at the Couples lounge in about 10-15 minutes and on the road shortly after that. Instead of 2 1/2 hours waiting in lines, on average. We pay $180 for trip insurance that we have never used (knocking wood) so why not $160 for a service that we do use and is very helpful for us?

    I have both of the info sheets (Departure and then also Arrival/Departure)... e-mail me if you want them:

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    Are you sure you booked arrival, because price quotes I just got stated arrival services at $50/each and departure @ $30/each. Just didn't what you to be mistaken. Hope your right though! Have a great vacation.

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    I just received an e-mail from Club Mobay and the cost for arrival only is $50 pp. They claim to get you through customs in about 1/2 hour.

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    I am glad I double checked this thread again. I better check with my travel agent tomorrow to make sure she got us arrival service. She said it was 30 either way we did it. It was charged through delta vacations which is who our vacation package is with. I will let you all know! Dena

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    We pulled the trigger on the combo. Will be trying out the arrival portion in about...2 days time... !

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    We will arrive on Sunday 10/27 at 12:45 pm any idea how busy it will be at immigration & customs? How do you find out how many other flights arrive when you do? Trying to get info/ammunition to get hubby to see things my way & buy arrival at least!! First timers for any of this;Jamaica, AI,Couple's & can't wait!! Almost at 39 sleeps til there!

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    I can't say enough good things about the arrival/departure service. In our book it was money well spent. We arrived in MoBay on a Saturday afternoon, and while everyone else stood in a very long line, we walked right past them and breezed thru customs and immigration and were in the lounge in about 20 min. Last year we stood in that line for probably 2 hours. On the way home, it was again a breeze. We went to the departure lounge and they had snacks, beverages, wifi, and we could use the phone to call home and check on the kids, and they held onto our carry on luggage so we could explore the airport shops without having to lug all of our stuff around. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I made our vacation so much less stressful.

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    The info from delta vacations was not clear enough, so we cancelled and plan on booking directly with club Mobay tonight.

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    I just checked flight schedule for our trip in Dec. We arrive on a Wed and it looks like there are 7 flights coming in at the time we arrive. Is that normal? How long of a wait would that be? 1hr, 2hrs? Thought a Wed flight would be less busy...uggh.

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    Rikor, glad you had an easy experience getting through the customs/immigration lines. We have literally stood in the immigration line for over 2.5 hours, then .5 hour at least again at Customs, throw 15 minutes in for luggage. Had I gone through Club Mobay arrival service, I would have been at our resort 3 hours sooner and not still at the airport. There are exceptionally busy days, and I guess you got a very calm day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironbutterfly View Post
    I just checked flight schedule for our trip in Dec. We arrive on a Wed and it looks like there are 7 flights coming in at the time we arrive. Is that normal? How long of a wait would that be? 1hr, 2hrs? Thought a Wed flight would be less busy...uggh.
    Where can you see how many flights arrive on a given day?

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    I too would be curious as to where you found the arrival data for December. Best I could see is three days ahead. The one thing to look out for, is that some of these sites list all of the code shares... So what may look like a bunch of flights may only be in fact only two or three.

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    I am also wondering how to find out how many flights are coming in at the same time as us. We arrive Oct 6 at 11:45 am. We are undecided about Club Mobay. Also, have you all found it better to book Mobay with Travel agent, expedia, or right with Club Mobay? 15 Days and counting to CSA!

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    If you're considering the arrival service and you discuss it with your SO, how's the start of your vacation going to be when you've decided against it and then wait hours to get out of the airport while the club MoBay people are on the beach already? To me, it's worth it just for peace of mind.

    Scott and June

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    We are flying Delta so I just went to their website and there is a place that says flight schedules. I entered our date of arrival and voila...shows all the info.

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    Go to the website of who you have your airline tickets through. There should be something that says "flight schedules" there. Enter the date of your arrival and it should show you all the scheduled flights for that day.

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