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    Default RIP Dean "The Dream" Moriah

    For those of you who remember him from Swept Away circa 1995, to those of you who may read about him in today's Gleaner: Dean Moriah was one of the entertainment coordinators that greeted my wife Lisa and I on our Honeymoon on May 21, 1995. We didn't know anything at all about Swept Away, but thanks to Dean's warm smile and hospitality we quickly felt at home at the resort.
    Lisa and I stayed in touch with Dean and another entertainment coordinator. All these years later, Dean had become more like family than friend, staying with us in the US several times. Meeting his sister in Jamaica and his father in Washington, DC. While he was entertainment director at another resort in Montego Bay, Dean had my band fly down and perform in 2003 and again in 2004. We've been honored to be guests at his home and we've partied like rock stars over the years.
    Make no mistake about it, Dean made you feel like a rock star.
    Google search his name for the details, but Dean is no longer with us. Swept Away repeaters may know the name, but Swept Away Entertainment as we now know it is in part a result of the special talents of Mr. Dean Moriah. Let's not forget "The Dream", he's part of your Swept Away experience and always will be. RIP Dean, you will be sorely missed.

    Cornell and Lisa Pearce

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    We also knew him since '95 as well. Dean was very good at what he did & knew how to make everyone feel welcome. His death is very sad & very senseless. RIP Dean Moriah.

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    In June of '95, Joyce and I, too, would have been SweptAway virgins, and we not doubt had Dean as part of our first SweptAway experience. He and the rest of that crew had to be magic, because we've never looked back, never strayed. We, to can attest to the obvious influence "The Dream" has had on the way the entertainment and guest relations staff has conducted itself over the years.

    While we may not remember Dean or known him as well as some of our friends, what we have known of him and learned about him in the last day or two is a testament to the potential of Jamaica's young people. But this tragedy also shows that Jamaica has a long way to go in some respects. The also have a void where there was once a strong, loving person.

    RIP Dean Moriah...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Very sad indeed.

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    What a shame! In a country that is so beautiful with some of the most wonderful people I've had the pleasure to know, there is such hatrid for their own people. I find it morally conflicting to keep going back to Jamaica and supporting a country that allows this persicusion to keep happening. Time for change and Portia needs to step up and make it happen.
    One Love, One Heart.

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    What a horrible and painful story. I agree with Karon - it is so hard for me to continue to support Jamaica (the country) when these things continue to happen regularly. That said, I do continue to support the country in hopes that change comes. I am only sorry that at my 2010 wedding at CSA so many of my friends refused to join in our celebration because of things like this.

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