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    Default Couples N.E. Par-taa set to roll

    Just in case you missed this info earlier, here it is again.

    The 5th annual Couples New England Par-taa

    We are meeting in Providence R.I. on Saturday afternoon Sept. 21. We will hang out at the pool during the afternoon, have a few drinks and share some Couples stories. Then dinner at great restaurant, I'm sorry I can't remember the name right at this moment. I'm sure someone will fill in the name for me. After dinner, there is something called Waterfire. Light shows, fireworks, performers and more. It's a great night. Sunday morning some of us will meet for breakfast before we all depart.

    If you are anywhere near R.I and would like to join us, contact Kevpow@hotmail.

    Hope to see some new faces this year.


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    We'll be there. No pool this year Richie as we had to change Hotels. We will be meeting on the deck.

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    Default Providence Par Taa Train soon come

    Last chance to get on board the New England Par Taa train as it heads into Providence on September 21st.

    There are only a few reservation spots left for our dinner par taa at the Rue D lespoir on Hope Street in Providence.

    We will be kicking it off at the Wyndham Gardens around 3:00 pm then onto to a wonderful 5 choice dinner with entertainment. What there is still more............There is the famous waterfire event for those that are interested or back to the hotel for some fun from all.

    This year we have five out of the six New England States represented. Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Quite impressive to have this turn out.
    So if you are lurking up in ME please don't miss this great time we all have.

    Hey you don't have to be from New England to make yourself welcome!

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    Default Attention we have a new record!

    Last year it was Don & Raeanna Bergan from PA being the farthest a couple would travel to see what the Couples Par Taa here in New England was all about!

    drum-roll please...................

    Let me introduce Shawn and Cindy Murray coming in from Toronto Ontario this year!

    We are sure going to show some love on them..............who else? only 3 more couples can be included in the filth anniversary Par Taa. We will then be at our capacity! You snooze you loose!

    Let me know if you have any questions?

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    Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

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    So glad I got in right away!!!!!!!!! Tom and I are heading down on Friday night...gonna make a whole weekend of it! So excited! After missing last years, I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again!!!
    Kevin, again, thank you so much for pulling this all together. You are an angel and we all love you for it!!!!

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    Looks like we are down to just two more slots for couples to attend this years event! You certainly won't regret your encounter with these New England Par Taa folks. We all leave relaxed and smiling!

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    Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Par Taa this weekend in Providence. We hated missing out last year and can't wait to reconnect with our Couples friends.

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