We returned from CSS on August 2nd after 11 night stay. I must say we were nervous after having stayed at CN on previous trips and enjoyed our CN trips so much, we almost felt like traitors to CN and our friends there. I must say that feeling left us quickly, the resort is beautiful, the staff very nice helpful and accommodating, the restaurants were excellent and we very much enjoyed the big Bar B Q on Tuesdays and the Friday night International buffet on the lawn, the work that gets put into the set up on these evenings is amazing! The entertainment on our second Tuesday there was much better than the first Tuesday, the nightly entertainment was good our first week but the second week it was really good, so as you see things change on a weekly basis which is good.

The beach was nicer than we expected the water was very clear our entire stay and calm, no it is not the beach that CN has but it still was very nice, we had to do multiple trips walking back and forth daily to get in exercise for my back issues and my recent shoulder surgery as lying in a recliner all day would have not been possible. At CN we would walk the beach twice in the mornings round trip and three times in the afternoon round trip, so here with the shorter beach we just walked more laps! To those who had issue with Spike being topless on the beach and expressed this to Management know the rules before you go and to those who commented why doesn't she go to the AN beach, well AN is exactly that not topless not clothing optional so sorry but we were not going to move to a beach that we were not interested in going to for you, and as Management explained to you it is permitted on the regular beach any where on the regular beach.

Our room in B block was a spectacular beach front suite very large and spacious rooms and bathroom, nice little balcony and first floor level for us was great.

OK so which will we choose next year CN or CSS? Actually both for a split stay as both are different than each and we want some time at each. Our fears of being bored for our length of time at CSS never happened! We are very happy we decide to try CSS.

Couples just does it right at both locations!