My wife and I have been coming to CSS / SSB for five years. We love the SSB beach, especially out under the 'tiki umbrellas'. When we first came on our honeymoon we got to the beach around 10:00 am and usually found space on the beach. Each year we found we have to go earlier and earlier to get any 'tiki' space. Now when we go down there are towels on the lounge chairs with no other items. In some cases there is a hat or book but NO PEOPLE. So, we have to take lounge chairs back on the beach without 'sun guard' or under a tree. As we sit there we find people showing up later in the morning or, worse, in the afternoon. We were also told that if we give the life guard a few dollars he will put towels on a specific lounge area under the 'tiki'. We are told it is not permitted to 'tip' the staff and we don't want to challenge the rules set by management, but we also don't want to go down to the beach at 6:00 AM just to get a place we love. It seems to me the resort should ban the 'pre-reservations' at all. If you arrive at the beach and there are towels on a lounge chair but no one around, you should be able to sit and 'claim' the space. If they left a token item (hat/book) the 'guard' that makes sure you don't take pictures should be required to remove the items and hold them till the people return. Then let them take a lounge chair under a tree!!!!!