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    Default Newbies to CSA in April - input on Rick's Cafe / Margaritaville?

    We are going to be on our honeymoon in April and are looking for input on a few things we would like to do.
    1 - Rick's Cafe - worth it? What is the best way to get there?
    2 - Maragaritaville - Same as above
    3 - Excursion involving ziplining - which one? What is the best way to arrange it?

    Any feedback you can give us on things to do would be excellent! Thank you!!!

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    Rick's is a, must do at least once. The excursion desk in the Great House got a cab for us . It's about a 15 minute or so ride to Ricks. We only stay for the sunset and a couple beers. I've heard the foodis ok but overpriced. Bring small bills as you will get Jamaican money back. If you sit or stand near the edge, you will be bothered for tips for the divers.
    I think zzz Margaritville is a ripoff but you can walk there from the beach in about 10 minutes. Once was enough for us. Haven't done the ziplining. Have fun!

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    Thanks for the tips!

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    You can see Rick's from the catamaran cruise. That was enough for us as we're not into the touristy things. My only advice on excursions is don't go to far. We did a YS Falls, Black River, Appleton one on our first trip and it was really long and we felt like we were rushed through everywhere we went. If you want a great nearby trip, tou can grab a cab and go up to Three Dives for some jerk chicken. They are on the cliffs and the view and chicken are amazing.

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    I agree with lvmcgill about Rick's. We went a few years ago and felt it was a waste of money and didn't really enjoy ourselves. It was really packed, the drinks were expensive (didn't eat), and the sunset wasn't any nicer than at CSA. If you're interested in seeing the cliff jumpers, you can see them from the catamaran cruise. Of course, if you're interested in cliff jumping yourself, you may want to consider going

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    We haven't been to Rick's since Ivan... we keep telling ourselves we want to go back to see the "new" bunker bar, but just can't tear ourselves away... maybe this is the year?

    Margueritaville... last time we took the bus to get there (about five years ago), we stayed about 15 minutes then walked back to SweptAway... not worth it, in our opinion... if you want to stop by to buy a few souvies, you can do that anytime... its only a few minutes away.

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    My advise is to skip Margaritaville altogether...basically it's a chain restaurant on the beach with overprised food and drinks. Instead, spend an afternoon walking down the beach and hit the small local establishments and experience the true Negril.

    I would suggest paying a visit to Rick's to watch the divers (and maybe jump yourself if you are the daring type)..but don't eat there. Again, overprised and underwhelming food. Instead, after watching the divers walk next door for a sunset dinner at the LTU pub. GREAT small cliffside restaurant that is never crowded with a very nice ambiance and VERY good food.

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    I agree with everyone. For us seeing Ricks from the Cat Tour was all we cared about. Do NOT pay to go to Margaritaville. You can walk to it just as easy and see if you even want to go in. We did not. We absolutely loved the Chukka zipline tour and plan to do it again next July. Be sure to wear stuff that you dont care if it gets dirty. My wife wanted to be cute and ruined her outfit in the mud after it rained.
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