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    Default Veggie patties at CSA? Vegetarian choices?

    Hello! My husband and I will be arriving at CSA on 8/3/13. We are vegetarians,and I am wondering if they serve veggie patties anywhere? and if not, can anyone tell me where to get some nearby?

    We have been to SMB our last 2 trips,and they stopped offering them,very dissapointing!

    Also, can anyone tell me if they enjoyed the vegetarian choices at the resort overall? i have been told this resort is THE choice for vegetarians in Jamaica.

    We are 38 and 40, first time to CSA, and first time to negril, cant wait until Saturday!

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    I'm not a vegetarian, but can tell you there will be more than enough food options for you at CSA! Unfortunately, no veggie patties...just meat or chicken. Be sure to check out Sea Grapes...tons of options there. Check the CSA link for menus.

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    My husband is a vegetarian and he always found something to eat. I'm pretty sure that there is always a meatless option at all of the restaurants and during the day there is a veggie/health bar (Sea Grapes) available. I think they have veggie burgers and other meatless options for lunch. I'm not vegetarian and I loved Sea Grapes! Couples does a great job at accommodating their guests. You will have so much fun at CSA!

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    My husband had a veggie burger at Seagrapes that he was shocked, shocked I say, (Lol) to find was delicious. We are not vegetarians but we watch what we eat and I am positive there was always vegetarian options on all the menus we saw. Most of the soups were of the vegetable variety (not sure how strict you are and not sure if they used chicken or beef broth) and they were all delicous.
    Patios has some excellent pizzas that we enjoyed for lunch and a lot of the pasta entrees did not appear to have any meat.
    Hope this helps. Enjoy your trip!

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    Do you mean veggie burgers or veggie patties? I"ve seen veggie burgers offered at Seagrapes but I don't recall ever seeing veggie patties.BUT... there are a number of places in Negril where you can get them.My favorite is at the health food store in the Negril roundabout area. Made with whole wheat flour and I believe are baked not fried. Also have good tofu ones. I think Niah also makes good veggie patties. His stand is located down the beach(to the left facing water) in the back of the Wavs lot. He may not be open now tho... I think he's not always there during low season. I"m also sure there are other places since Ital restaurants are plentiful in Negril. Its a great place for vegetarians! (I"m no longer one.. but I do enjoy the food)

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