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    Default is the extra cost for beachfront at CN worth it?

    We were thinking of booking at CN in Jan/Feb 2014 and looking at a beachfront room. Loved the convenience of our beachfront at CSS 2 years ago. Is it work the extra money? Also wondering how busy bloody bay is with beach vendors? The beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico was Crazy with them. I understand that people have to make a living and they were respectful there, but it is not very relaxing to be asked to buy something every 3 minutes. Thanks.

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    Obviously, this is just my opinion, but I would say no on the beachfront. CN is so compact that the only big convenience factor for us would be buildings 1-5 vs 6-9, because 1-5 are closer to the dive shop, and 1-3, specifically, are closer to the Beach Grill, gym, and internet cafe. Beyond that, staying in a beachfront, as opposed to a deluxe garden or ocean in the same building, is going to shave less than two minutes off your time to get anywhere. The Bloody Bay beach off-resort to the north is lined with vendors, but they're not too harassing, regardless of what others may say. Compared to most vendor-busy beaches we've been to, they're really not that bad. Just say "I'm good" and keep walking. On the actual CN beach, there are hardly any vendors at all, and the ones that are there stay close to the water line, and know what Couples policy is, so they don't harass at all. There are also vendors that are allowed to lay their stuff out on the beach over by the Beach Grill, and they don't harass at all. Couples does an awesome job of controlling this. One thing people almost never point out on the MB is that there are security guards at either end of the beach, and they're really good about watching people walking through.
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    Not sure of the cost addition but we have stayed on Bloody Bay and the vendors are not an issue at all. it is a somewhat isolated spot with limited access. You wont be disappointed.

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