Last july when at CN we encountered a tough time getting Jose Cuervo until a manager and some staff we know from past trips went out of their way to make it possible, we are hoping that this will nao be the situation at CSS. Jose is not the best but if you only drink tequilla staright and not mixed the no name brand available was terrible straight but Jose will work, the other may be fine in mixed drinks but not straight, and not all of us aspire to have mixed drinks ( I only drink straight rum). If someone could let us know it would be greatly appreciated, if not we may have to get a bottle at the airport, not something I want to have to do at an all inclusive. At CN they onle had the Jose available after 8PM at the piano bar which does not help if that is what you would want at lunch time or 430PM at the pool bar, as I said after our 2nd day it was available at the pool bar but not without some pleaing our case to a few managers.