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    Default Secret Rendezvous

    Was looking to book our trip back to couples in May, 2014 and we thought it might be fun to do the Secret Rendezvous since we are unsure and having a hard time deciding which resort we want to go to, but when I go in to select this option it says its not available. Can someone explain how this works?

    Thank you

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    The Secret Rendezvous is only available during certain dates. If you click on "Rates" then scroll down, you'll see the Secret Rendezvous option section. It shows which dates the Secret Rendezvous is available. Here is what I cut from the Secret Rendezvous page regarding dates and rates:

    Travel Dates: June 11-30, 2013; Rate: $344 per couple per night
    Travel Dates: July 6-31, 2013; Rate: $369 per couple per night

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    The secret rendezvous is only done a few months out so trying to schedule it for 2014 is not an option. You will have to wait until 2014 to book.

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