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    After a long time planning and reading the information on the board we finally went to CN last December for our first Couples trip. We loved everything about it and would be hard pressed to find anything to really change. One of the things we loved was not having to fight for a spot on the beach. The pics on the Couples site make the CSS beach look smaller than CN. Is that just because it's a separate beach instead being part of the larger Bloody Bay that's shared with other resorts? Is it still easy to find a spot? We are hooked on Couples and now are trying to plan our return home.

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    CSS is a much bigger resort, and actually has three beaches - main beach, sunset beach, and what I consider beach #3 - the area below the mineral pool (a great place to go snorkeleling! ).

    The CSS main beach is about the same size or a bit smaller than CN - the water is a bit rockier and not as easy to snorkel / kayak because it's usually a bit wavy. However, It is beautiful, totally private (not shared with any other resorts) and finding a good/shady spot is usually not a problem. It's also more wooded so you will see and hear more wildlife - lots of frogs, birds & fish.

    Since the resort has more options, the main beach is rarely over-crowded.

    The main pool & bar seem to be the place for large, louder groups to congregate - finding a good spot there can be difficult.

    The one time we couldn't find a spot on the main beach we ended up trying Sunset Beach! It's now our favorite as it always has shade, has it's own bar / grill and is generally less crowded and has a better atmosphere...

    There is also the areas around / near the mineral pool - at low tide, the sand is exposed to create a very small beach. The only draw back to this area is the lack of a bar or grill - however - they have great smoothies & Vitamin waters etc... This area is especially nice in the mornings.

    In addition - they have extra chairs / tables - if you really can't find a seat - they'll get one for you!

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    The beach is nowhere near the length of any beach in Negril. But the experience at Sans Souci far outweighs it. You'll love the lushness of the resort and the intimacy of it. It's different but lovely. Don't expect "party central" but enjoy the romance of this small resort. Folks return to CSS for a very good reason.

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    We spent 8 days at CSS October 2012 and we were so impressed that we are heading back October of this year. During our stay there was never a day when we could not find a spot or shade. Yes, the beach is smaller but the resort is also smaller. The greatest thing about the beaches at CSS are that they are private. There are no vendors or anyone from other resorts walking on your beach. CSS actually has 2 seperate beaches/coves. One is AN and the main beach is textile. During our stay there was always room on each beach.

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