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    We're taking our first major vacation and decided to "go for it", so we're making it 16 days. We're spending a week at CN, then a few days at another resort, and then going to CTI for a few days. My question is how best to travel between the various resorts. Each provides airport transfers. One option could be to have CN take us to the airport, have the next resort pick us up there, then so a similar thing for the next transfer. However, that leaves big questions as to how the timing would work out.

    Other suggestions? Taxies (price?)? Bus?

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    I guess it depends on where the "other" resort is. Most likely, it will be much faster (and maybe less expensive) to get a taxi to take you from CN to your next stop and then from there on to CTI, rather than using the "free" airport shuttles (you are still expected to tip-standard is $10 per couple per you would spend about $20 for each trip between resorts using the airport shuttles).

    Here are a couple of articles I found that may be helpful to you:

    Enjoy your trip!

    Mark & April
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    Depends where the 2nd hotel is?? It's hard to estimate taxi rates from CN to ?? or from ?? to CTI.....
    not knowing where you will be !

    Use the airport transfers whenever possible and if time is a factor, take a Taxi instead. They're not expensive if arranged and negotiated up front.

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    If I were to make the transfer I would take the Couples bus to the airport and then a taxi. This is the fastest way other than flying.

    The problem with the transfer is that you can not go inside the airport to the lounge so you have to wait outside at a bus stop. They pick you up on the next run, but I just want to get the move done as quickly as I can for I can enjoy the new resort.
    Irie Mon

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