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    Default November 11th-18th 2014 CSA

    This will be my soon to be husband and I's first time @ CSA and could not be more excited... Anyone going to be there with us on these dates?? We need "couples" friends! Can't wait to be there and experience what everyone is talking about!

    This Texas girl is ready to hit the beach!

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    Hi! My boyfriend and I will be there the 9 through the 15! We haven't been to CSA either! Please tell me you are also getting overwhelmed with what to do!? Im trying to decide about the excursions and if we should take a day off the beach to do some... are you guys?? We are in Illinois! Rainy and 50 degrees today

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    We will be there 11/9-11/16! We get married 11/8! First time to CSA! Can't wait! Just afraid it will all be overwhelming since its out first time!

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    We will be there is a 14th through the 22nd. It's our first time to see CSA but our second trip to Negril. This town is so laid back that I doubt you'll be overwhelmed for long. If you are a few dirty bananas or humming birds are in order We should meet up sometime.

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    We are Carla & Brad, this will be our second trip to CSA 11/8-11/16. Trip one we did a few of the resort's activities (CAT, Glass Bottom Boat, Snorkel), and wandered down the beach to shop and just see the sights. Other than that we let Sand Gravity take over and just enjoyed the vibe, and each other. This time we are doing a Pub Crawl (wed the 12th if you are interested) and planning to do some of the morning activities (tie dye, bartending...) . Don't stress, it's all good.

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