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    Default If you've stayed in a Premier Beachfront you prefer 1st or 2nd floor?

    I've read differing opinions about 1st vs 2nd floor preference...being able to walk right onto the beach vs having more privacy on the 2nd floor. What's the scoop with breakfast room service...your food can be left on the first floor verandah but on the second floor you need to open your door when it arrives? For the 1st floor you can get a key to enter your room through your verandah on the beach side but the 2nd floor room entrances are in the back of the building? I'm sure we will be happy with either floor but I figured I'd ask some questions so we know which to pick if they have both available when we check in. Thanks so much!!

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    Our experience at CN recently. We had a first floor in bldg 5 and had all the privacy we wanted (very little foot traffic). It was great to be able to walk directly out to the beach or the small pool nearby. Breakfast room service always came to the door, never the veranda. No keys to access the room from the veranda. That would be a great idea if they ever get key cards and could then add a key reader at the veranda as well, but I doubt that is in the plan for the near future. Email me if you have more questions (email in my profile).

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    We have stayed in a PBFS both upstairs and downstairs in three different buildings. I like the upstairs somewhat more for its privacy and vaulted ceilings in the sleeping area. Yes, your breakfast is left outside your door in the small common area between your room and the atrium room across the hall. It is really no bother at all. My husband would much rather be downstairs. He likes sitting on the verandah watching the people go by and the easy access to the beach. It is convenient to access your room w/o climbing the stairs each time. The size of the room is a bit bigger downstairs, and the bathroom shower affords a beachview, too. And, yes, your breakfast awaits you on the verandah in the morning. These rooms are fabulous, but you need to keep in mind that with the beachfront advantage you also get couples and staff strolling by your room day and night. It never bothers us, but I know others might want more privacy. That's why I like to opt for upstairs. This is our favorite room on the resort. However, we opted for an atrium suite this year since we are staying 10 nights rather then our usual 8.
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    We LOVED 2nd floor. I had asked for 1st and it wasn't available. We were pleasantly surprised though. Much more privacy and the view is better.
    As far as room service, they just knocked on the door, you let them in and they put it on your balcony. No problem! I did this in my pj's every morning. lol

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    It is nice to have direct beach access but the second floor has those great high ceilings... plus the views are a bit better too. We have only stayed on the second floor.

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    All is correct! We were in a GVS and it was third floor! We liked it! More privacy and stairs were no issue! We noticed at night ground floor rooms had small crab issues! For us I am not sure I would ever want a ground floor!

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    Lots to think about...thanks for your input! I know we'll be happy wherever we end up

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