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    Default Bob Marley Tour

    Has anyone taken the Bob Marley Tour, not the one to Kingston but the one to 9 Mile (or is it 7 Mile). Is it offered at the resort and can it be combined with another tour?

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    There are two Nine Mile Tours offered by the Tour desk at CSS (and probably CTI). Both are done by Chukka, a very good tour company. One is a Jeep Tour and the other (the one we did) is the Zion Bus Tour. It cannot be combined with another tour because it leaves from and returns to your resort (if scheduled through Couples). The Bus Tour has a tour guide and a driver. The tour guide plays Bob Marley music and discusses his life on the way up and back. It stops for a snack (beef patties I think they are a hot-pocket and very good) on the way up and a lunch on the way back which consisted of Jerk Pork, Jerk Chicken, Festivas (bread-like corn sticks) and rice. The chicken and pork were not very good, but edible.

    The bus ride is long and a bit scary. The road is barely wider than the bus and half of the trip is through the mountains. The tour left CSS at 9:00 AM and got back to the resort at about 3:30 PM. Nine Mile is the place where Bob Marley was born, raised and is laid to rest. You are there for about an hour and a half. The trip is really for the hard core Bob Marley fans and not the casual sight-seer.

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    Oh, cost $170 for the two of us. We loved it and it was well worth the money!

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    We did that tour a number of years ago. The tour is to 9 mile. You can make arrangements through the resort. It is not offered at any of the Couples resorts. We really enjoyed it. the Rasta men that spoke with us were very soft spoken. Had lots of information. Shared some of their famous "ganja tea". Strictly medicinal.
    If you are staying at either CTI or CSS, it will take an hour or more to the site. The ride takes you on some very narrow roads up in to the mountains. The scenery in the valley is spectacular.

    As far as being combined with another tour, again, this is somethig that the outstanding staff will be able to help you with.


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    Default Taken 9 mile tour twice

    I took the Bob Marley 9 mile tour twice, both times were exactly the same. Prepare yourself for an all day trip. You will leave your resort in the morning and go to a tour stop where they do many tours like zipline, horseback, atv 4 wheelers. You wait there a half an hour then the zion bus comes! There is rum punch and trivia for the long ride into the mountains, about 2 hours each way. You stop going for a drink and maybe a beef patty. On the way down you stop for a jamaican style lunch! The Marley resting place is very small and the tour is short. There is alot of smoking...everywhere(if you know what I mean). People will try and sell it to you the moment you enter and sometimes before. You stop on top of the natural mystic mountains to take photos...breathtaking even on a rainy the end of the short tour you go into his mausoleum where his body is laid to rest. This is a very spiritual moment if you are a big fan.. I have done every excursion almost except dolphins if you need more info...

    Have fun and enjoy your trip...I know we will in Dec 09


    Everyones reviews are correct. All of the experiences sound similar. If you want a short trip to combine with another, hire a driver. Otherwise it is an all day trip. both times we were gone from about 8:00 to 4:30 or so. As most have stated it is a spiritual trip if you are a die hard Bob Marley fan...I am!
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    Nine Mile is a awesome and very spiritual tour. Anyone who wants the absolute best tour guide for this and many other tours drop me a line
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    The tour to Nine Mile is great - we took the Zion Bus up there on Bob's birthday last year. They stop for lunch, the ride is fun, exciting and scenic but not for the faint of heart or those prone to motion sickness. It's pretty much an all day tour by itself, you leave in the morning and get back in the late afternoon. A must - do for all Bob Marley fans.
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    Private driver = half day saved.

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    Private Driver !!!!
    No busses
    Stop where and when you want to ( Falmouth, Ferngully are ideas )
    Personal Tour of the property
    On your own schedule

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    Sometimes the best journeys do not come by the shortest route.
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    wow can anyone send me some pictures of the Marley tour from both of the different tours please and thank you very much we are going to CSA at the end of Feb 2010

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    So how would I go about getting a private driver and about how much does it cost?

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    On one of our first trips to Jamaica , we had heard about a place called Nine Mile and just had to go! We talked another couple we met at the resort into going with us and we hired a private driver. We paid about $150.00 per couple plus tip for the trip which was about 5 hours total. Let me tell you, there is so much more to Jamaica than pretty sand and water... there are the mountains, lush rain forest, the culture and the way of life that is so laid back and surreal - which is the REAL reason we keep on coming back to Jamaica! But on this trip, I also learned about the great Bob Marley. There was so much more to Bob Marley than just his music and seeing it first hand…. his birth place, his home and now his final resting place, was more than what I could have expected!

    I would suggest hiring a private driver, the four of us were the only ones at Nine Mile when we went and having the place to ourselves was wonderful. It also gives you the opportunity to stop along the way if something strikes your interest.

    If you are coming from CSA - it will be a VERY long day... Nine Mile is located approx 1 1/2 hours from Ochi in the mountains of St. Ann.

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    Cindi - we have 2 drivers that we have become friends with over the years... Doc Admiral and Oscar Brown - both are great drivers!!! If you want to email me - I can get their contact info to you!

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    Tell the excursion person at your resort that you want a private driver to take you to 9 mile and where ever else you want to go. They will find one for you. Most resorts have regulars that they refer to. If you do not like your price or think it is too high you can negotiate a deal.

    We hired a driver the first time I went to Jamaica. Your day does go faster and you can stop when and where ever you want. Most of the locals know he is your driver and will not bother you..It is pretty safe but usually more expensive than just booking the excursion. I hope this helps.


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    How much is the tour when arranged through the CCS people? That would be the least expensive way to go right?

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    No, the least expensive way is to negotiate it on your own.

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