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    Default My review of CN 09/08-09/15

    We were there for our honeymoon and it was our first time there. We got to Montego Bay on US airways and went straight to Couples Lounge. They had Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light on tap. It was good.....make sure you take some for the road though.

    The ride to CN was good as it could be. The driver wasn't to crazy and he did stop off after about 45 min of driving so we could get a few beers and press on. It was a little scary since school had just let out and there were a million kids walking on the sides of the streets, but those kids know the deal there....and that's stay out of the road.

    We pulled up had champagne and cold towels and checked into our room. Franklin is the man BTW! So if you see him talk to him he is an awesome guy. Room was very pretty and very comfortable walking into the room.

    I'd advise anyone to take the tour of CN when you get there it's about 15-20 min and it's very informative if you have never been there before.The swim up bar was our favorite of course and then it was probably the Heliconia grill/bar. Tevon,Durvall,Camile,and Joyceln were all awesome bar tenders. If anyone see's Joyceln tell her congrats on her engagement.

    We did everything you can imagine....Catamaran cruise was beautiful and fun going to the caves, Hobie Cat was really fun and took about 10 minutes to learn, Kayak and paddle boat was fun. Snorkeling was gorgeous but saw just a lot of the same stuff. Now the night snorkeling they do is awesome, it's about 30 minutes worth or snorkeling. You see Octopus,Squid,eel,shrimp,lobster,crab,sting ray,puffer's 35 bucks per person but well worth it.

    We also did Rick's Cafe which I highly recommend you do. Book it with the Tour desk, it's 15 bucks per person to go there and back but it's well worth it. It's entertaining and you can jump off the cliffs. They have small,medium,high, and then crazy. You can jump from all of them except the crazy one's that the professional divers jump off of the trees which is basically a twig that is ridiculously high above the cliff.

    We also did Jet-skiing. NOTICE: This is not with the Resort!! We jumped on a jetski with a guy out by the swimming area at the beach and he took us to the edge of the bay then tried to get us to ride for an hour after we told him we only wanted 30 min. Then he tried to sell us weed and wanted to show us another island. It was a little shady, but that's just because my wife was a little freaked out when 5 jetski guys went over to the island while we were out riding. So just Jet-ski at your own risk.

    Shopping was ok. But I'm a guy and I don't like to shop so it was ok. They take you to a tourist spot which looks like a decent outdoor mall. We bought gifts from the first place 4 tshirts for $20. At the last store it was 8 for $20. So just don't buy everything from the first place you go to.

    The restaurants were all good. Lychee was our favorite since it was Air conditioned and we love Sushi. Heliconia grill has good lunch and turns into Italian at night, it was pretty good. The fine dining they are remodeling so they have it outside in a nice tent with Moses playing guitar and I'm not going to lie it was HOT!!!!!! The food was excellent but it was to HOT in the tent to enjoy. They had fan's in there but it was just blowing hot air. The buffet was good for breakfast and lunch but we didn't do it for dinner.

    Drinks.....we drank everything. I mean everything. If you have never done a Bob Marley shot you have to do at least one! We did several and the rule is suck through a straw,no stopping, and no pucking or they will make you another one.

    Don't miss the sunset it is an awesome sight and it drops fast and I mean fast!

    Ok well I think that about wraps it up in a nut shell but it was a fantastic honeymoon and we loved it so much. We will be repeaters later on down the road. Hope this helped with any questions anyone may have. Later....mon!

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    Default Franklin

    We met Franklin last winter as he worked at the swim up bar. What a pleasant young man! He happily made what ever we ordered, even making a "special" drink for me. Is he still tending bar pool side? Hope to see him and the rest of the gang in a few months.

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    Great review!! I do agree though, one Bob Marley is enough...unless of course you are Krisjamie- (the cast iron stomach of Couples) LOL

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    awww...makes me hope the next 3 weeks fly by! thanks for the review!

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    I loved your review of CN..So glad you had a wonderful trip.
    CN..Couples Negril is still #1 in our hearts.
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    Default Otaheite

    Did they say how long the refurbishing of Otaheite was going to take?

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    I think it will be mid October when it is finished. They put a note in our room when they started ripping the floor out. I was there from Sept 5-12.

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    The more I read from folks who have participated in night snorkling, the more likely it is we'll sign up for it. Sounds like it's worth the $35 cost.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    The night snorkel was fun. I would do it again.

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    Otaheite reopened on Monday 9/21. (Steak & Mahimahi) It now has a ceramic tile floor. Sounds seem to reverberate more than they used to. Seemed a little harder to hear the people speaking at our table. Also very warm inside! But... food & company....priceless

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