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    Default Protecting a new scar

    Hi fellow AN'ers.
    We are headed for CSS / SSB in late May (yay) and I'm looking for advice on protecting a recent scar. In December I had a partial shoulder replacement and I'm concerned about sun on the scar. It's on the front of my shoulder and could easily get burnt. Several people have said keep it out of the sun, but obviously at SSB that could be a problem. Our plan is to spend a lot of time in the pool. Any have any ideas? Experience? (We are thinking of tanning ahead of time).

    Thanks in advance for your advice,
    Dave & Pat

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    Hi Pat, I have the same on my knee...we get the lip sunscreen and swipe it on the scar. My husband does the same for his tats. It protects very well. Hope this helps. Have a wonderful trip!

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    Hey Dave,

    Here is an excerpt from an article from

    Scars are particularly sensitive to sunlight and can sunburn faster than healthy skin, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Once a scar becomes sunburned, it can remain discolored or darkened and may not fade back to match the color of your healthy skin.

    For that reason, if you've got a fresh scar, doctors advise avoiding exposing the wound to the sun altogether.

    There are products out there for limiting sun exposure to scars as well as other products for making scars fade and heal better. I would check with a pharmacist as they would know what is best. I know it'll be hard not to want to get as much "exposure" at SSB when you're there, but keep the scar protected. Enjoy your trip.

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    I agree with Novastar, you should talk to either a DR or a pharmacist. depending on how large the scar is, you could try the large bandaids that stay on even in water.... I haven't been but I'm sure that would be premitted at SSB!!

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    Hi, At SSB you have several shaded options. You can spend your time under one of the palapas in the sand or under one of the umbrellas around the pool. You also can sit at the swim up pool bar which provides shade as well. Have a wonderful trip!:-)

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    Use joint/muscle athletic tape (the colored kind you see volleyball players wear). It's sweat proof, pretty good in water and can conform to your scar. Plus it looks like you are an athlete. Check your local sporting good store or Amazon

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