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    Default No Blue Mountain Coffee at CTI?

    I was just reading a recent post on TA indicating that they changed the coffee at CTI and it is no longer Blue Mountain Coffee. Just wondering if anyone was there recently and can confirm or deny this. My husband and I look forward to having true Blue Mountain coffee every morning in Jamaica.


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    I know I had Blue Mountain Coffee while I was just at CTI...but it might have been at Eight Rivers...

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    I've read that none of the resorts serve genuine blue mountain as its pretty expensive. I thought the coffee at csa last month was fine.

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    We were at CTI March 2013. Blue Mountain coffee was served in the Piano Bar and the small 'coffee shop' within the beach shop (we called in there most days after lunch). Both of these use espresso machines. We were told by the waiter that the coffee at Eight Rivers was also Blue Mountain. The coffee at breakfast in The Patio was High Mountain I understand (again as advised by staff). Quality of each cup of coffee at the Piano Bar and the Beach Shop was rather dependent upon who was serving, as the espresso machines do take a little bit of skill to work well.

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    I was just there. I didn't personally confirm, but one of my friends that was there with us was told there was no Blue Mountain coffee anymore. Too expensive apparently. There isn't any in the room anymore either. I was sad, but whatever they replaced it with was really good too. Admittedly, I'm not much of a coffee snob though.

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    Not sure about BM but the coffee was good. Personally we experienced better coffee in Mexico and Cuba but not being a coffee addict what do I know??

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    I'm here now (in the internet cafe area) and I will check later this evening. I know it was very strong coffee whatever brand they had at Eight Rivers on Monday lol

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    Couples has served Blue Mountain Coffee in the specialty restaurants for a long time, so if there is a change then that is where you would see the change. The coffee served in the main dining room and at breakfast has never been Blue Mountain Coffee, but it has always been Jamaicain High Mountain Coffee (grown in the Blue Mountains but at a lower elevation). Hopefully someone was under the incorrect impression that JaBlum was served at breakfast, when in fact it never has been. If Blue Mountain is available in the french press at dinner and High Mountain is served at breakfast then nothing has changed. If either of those things has changed it will be a real shame because it's hard to market at a high end resort in Jamaica if you don't serve good coffee.
    Respect and good travels -
    Roy (getting soooo close to CN again soon!)

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