This is our first vacation together, first time out of country, first time away from kids, and a belated honeymoon/2nd anniversary trip/mom's 25th anniversary trip, and obviously, our first trip to Couples!! I am anxious about traveling, but excited to go, and worried about the kids being home, but happy to get away from daily life for a week. Our bags have been packed and repacked, and re packed again lol - just to make sure I really wanted to bring what I picked out the first time. The kids (12 and 14) are being watched by the other kids (19 and 21) (a first for them too) and they have all been told if I come home to starving animals or a burnt down house it's really going to put a damper on my vacation! The spies are in place to keep them in line, and the schools, doctor, and they know who to talk to if there is an emergency. I have read every thread on the board, every review I can find anywhere, every travel guide you can imagine, and looked at any pictures I could find until I have every detail memorized. My husband just laughs at me, and says "are you looking at Jamaica again?!?". I am pretty sure by the time May 17th comes, I will be a raving lunatic. Is this normal?