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    Default Sans Souci standout features?

    My wife and I are debating whether or not to book a trip to Couples Sans Souci in November. We have already experienced the joy that is Swept Away and Tower Isle (twice), having journeyed their for the previous years. We promised ourselves we would try all 4 Jamaican resorts prior to settling on a favorite.
    I was hoping some Sans Souci vets could point out some of their favorite things, especially if there is anything that we should definitely experience while we are there.
    Thanks so much!
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    DEFINITELY do it!!

    First off, I am by no means a "vet." My wife and I got married there this past March. It was our first visit to any Couples and it was fantastic!! We also wanted to experience all 4 resorts, but after SS, we couldn't bear to not go. So instead we have booked a split stay for next spring for Negril and SS.

    Some standout features for us... a massage on the huts above the cliffs. Nothing beats listening to the waves crash on the rocks underneath you. A private dinner in the wedding gazebo. It was PHENOMENAL. We had ours the night of the beach party, so we were completely alone. You could see the beach party, but it was not loud. There was a mostly full moon, so we were able to see the waves coming in from far out in the ocean, and once again, the waves crashing are wonderful. The entire resort is surrounded by jungle, so every night we had our windows open, and we let the tree frogs and ocean waves lapping on the shore put us to sleep. We also spent one late evening just walking the intire resort, exploring all the different pathways and hidden trails. I highly recommend trying out new paths during your stay, we continued to see different things every day because of this. the resort is smaller than swept away, but never once did it feel full when we were there (they were at 100% occupancy). If you are a fan of the AN experience from CTI, you need to check out SSB! The beach is great, and the full bar, pool, jacuzzi, and lunch buffet are wonderful also. It is very hard for me to think of any small favorite things, because the entire resort in itself is a treasure. We cannot wait to go back to Sans Souci. We miss the beach and jungle and staff so much!

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    I'm writing this from CSS. The Starlight Gala last night was incredible. The singer who performed, AJ Brown, was phenomenal. He sang original reggae, Josh Grobin's "You Raise Me Up" and something in italian by Andrea Bocelli. The setting was beautiful, the food unbelievable and the friends we've met I hope will last forever.

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    Thanks for the run down, Sweetness! I am a big fan of trailblazing, so that sounds like a big plus!

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    Try CSS! We've done CSA, CTI and CSS. We love them all. I agree about the massage huts. They're rustic (in contrast to the modern CTI spa), but the setting is incredible. We went twice. The second time later in the day and besides the crashing waves, we heard birds settling into the tree nearby to roost. We enjoyed the gala, but the beach party at CSS was the best we've been to, for some reason. Dining on the beach at Bella Vista was great, as was the patio setting at Casanova. The kayaking was nice at CSS, as it was so calm inside the reef. We went along the shore line past the gazebo, mineral pool, grotto and massage huts to the property next door. We really enjoyed the grounds and all the private areas, like the hidden hot tub above the mineral pool. The grotto area was interesting too. We dangled out toes in the grotto pool one night and had shrimp nibble our toes! Ok, back to the hot tub. lol.
    With all the space and jungle setting, t's the easiest resort to find some seclusion. Go and enjoy.

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    We've been to Sans Souci twice and have a trip booked for 10 days in September, 2014. The standout features of the resort (to me) are the fantastic views from the many elevation changes found throughout the resort. You can book a room on many different elevations with amazing, beautiful views of the Caribbean. The vegetation is amazing and well kept. I absolutely love the views and just thinking about it makes me homesick to be there right now!
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    I wrote a comparison of CTI and SSB in March.

    The cliff notes, we liked both - We prefered SSB to the Island at CTI but we thought the dining at CTI was better.
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    Jamicamecrazy please keep your promise to try all four. We have been to CTI 2010, CN 2011 and CSS 2012. We are headed to CSA Dec. 2013. We vowed to do each one before we decided to choose our favorite. But we have found out that each one has it's on character. Each is a Couples Resort. To me that should be enough reason for anyone to go to all. I know some people have favorites but we have enjoyed the whole process so don't be scared to try different ones. BamaDude...

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