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    Default April 3rd can;t come soon enough

    We will be arriving at CN on April 3rd for our 1st time ever...I am so looking forward to it...the food all looks great but is there some outstanding dish in one of the resturants that anyone thinks is a MUST have....also has anyone walked along to the office of nature??/ any advice on anything would be much appreciated...

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    We are arriving on the 6th and the first thing I'm going for is the jerk chicken and a cold red stripe. I've been craving this for a year now. :-)


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    We're headed to CSS on the 6th and I can already taste that first fruity drink!
    Susan & Chris
    CTI 2003, 2004
    CSS 2008, 2013!

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    We're headed there for the first time on April 9th and are excited as well!!!
    Emily & Chuck
    CN - April 9-14, 2013

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    They make a pumpkin soup that is outstanding...sometimes with coconut cream, sometimes just by itself, but if you see pumpkin soup, you should give it a shot. It sounds odd, but it is GREAT!

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    We will be at CN on April 5 for the 1st time feel like a little kid counting down to xmas 8 more sleeps to go

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    The red snapper sandwich is great, try all the Pattys, the jerk chicken is good as well. To be honest most everything is great only thing I did not like was a potato type thing I got at the casava once on the buffet. Drinks gotta get a Bob Marley they have a kick. Now for tasty drinks try Miami vice, hummingbird, dirty banana from the pool bar there better there, and ya cant go wrong with the rum punch. Have fun as I know you will, I am jealous iv gotta wait over a year before I can return home to CN.

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    Try the Pad Thai at Lychee and be sure to order a Lychee Martini when there. Lobster will be out of season in April so not available at Office of Nature.

    Take a long beach walk to the right and go as far as you can. Where the beach ends, wade out into the water and find shells, see fish, etc. Enjoy your trip, we'll be at CSS over the same time.

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    Try all the soups at the buffet in the evening, or anytime. They have some that will just knock your socks off, and others that will just roll them down a bit. There are just too many foods I love to name them, but soup is not something most people tend to try.

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