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    Default CN - Beachfront Suites

    We are booked to go to CN in November 2013. We booked the Beachfront Suite (a splurge). After checking out some of the threads on here, I figured out that these suites are in Blg 1,5,6 & 9. 12 rooms in total with 3 in each building, 1 on each floor towards the beach. We just got back from CSS this past weekend (will post update on that soon as it was our first trip to Ocho) and though I tried, I couldn't get hubby to try the A/N beach. So with that said, does Blg #9 (all floors) overlook the A/N beach? I know I can't ask for a specific room, etc, but if that's the case, I would like to ask if we can have any of the other bldgs except #9 as I think that would make my hubby uncomfortable and not want to enjoy the lovely balcony/porch.

    As a side note, is there a preferred bldg and floor for the beachfront suites?



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    We just returned from a great week in a Beachfront Suite. We were in building 6. The second and third floor suites have a pretty good view of the A/N beach as well. Might want to avoid 6 & 9. Enjoy the room we did.

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    we have stayed in the Beachfront Suites 4 times.
    First time on the top floor of building #6, 2nd time on the top floor of building #9 - this does overlook the A?N beach and we did not like it.
    So, just before our third trip I emailed C/N and asked if we could be anywhere except building #9.
    We got third floor of #6 again which was fine - central to the resort and good ocean views.
    On our last trip we were in building #1 on the ground floor which was very nice as the beach came up to the porch. We were not disturbed by people walking past - I liked this room best!

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    Building 9 is closest to the AN beach but I think you could only really see over the hedge from the 3rd floor or maybe the 2nd.

    You could always note your request on your pre-checkin and I would think they would try to accommodate you .

    We were at CN in November 2011 and the weather, etc was perfect.

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    You are correct. Building 9 has some crappy views. We like building 6 the best, 3rd floor, overlooking the main beach. Building 1 is noisy, right next to the beach grill and cleaning up after the Heliconia closes (dishes clanking and staff yelling). Building 5 overlooks the water sports area, quite a distance from the main beach. You can see the water from building 5, but to lie out on the beach, you will need to walk a ways.
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    From what I have heard, it sounds like you have to book the room and upon check-in let them know what specifically you are looking for.

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    We returned last week and were in bldg 9. No they don't face the an beach. We were in 9101. The patios face in on an angle. The an beach has a hedge around it but not sure if you are in the end unit on a higher floor you could see in. We absolutely loved CN and also our room. Can't wait to go back.

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    Only the ones at the end of building 9 so really only two on floors 2 and 3 would overlook the AN beach. The bottom floor would be right next to the AN Beach.

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    Default favorite beachfront suite at CN

    On our very fist trip to CN we stayed in room 1101 which is our favorite in the whole resort. You can walk out on the beach easily and listen to the waves while lying in the hammock. We both fell asleep in the hammock one night and woke up to a beautiful sunny morning. I'm sure you will have a great time in any room.

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    Thank you everyone for your responses. Before we went to CSS, I contacted them about a "room request". I knew, of course, there was no guarantee but figured it couldn't hurt. They said they would keep my request on file and see what they could do. I got exactly what I wanted (3rd Floor, A block).

    This time, it's not just a "I'd like this room"... I really feel hubby would be uncomfortable. Will send another note requesting any building but #9. Just wanted to confirm that it did overlook the A/N beach.
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