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    Default How do I explain how important weddings are to my boyfriend?

    Every girl knows what im talking about. You know, why weddings, dressing up, and walking down the aisle are such huge dreams of girls. My boyfriend thinks it's stupid and doesn't think when we get married, that we should have a wedding and Homecoming dresses cheap that it's a waist of money.

    Can you list some reasons why it's so important and why every detail is important? I can't seem to explain my feelings towards this.

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    Although little girls are brought up believing that weddings are the be all end all, they're really not. The wedding isn't all that important; the MARRIAGE is. Your wedding day is one day; your marriage should, ideally, last 50+ years. Too many women spend so much time talking about and planning their wedding and give too little attention to planning their marriage. Have you talked about and have you reached an agreement about issues such as finances, working, children, and extended family, just to name a few? These are things that really matter.

    One thing that concerns me about your post is that the wedding is very important to you, and your soon-to-be husband is calling it "stupid." Does he often belittle or dismiss as insignificant things that are important to you? Perhaps you should reflect upon that rather than trying to convince him that you need to spend months searching for the perfect wedding invitation. I wouldn't want to marry a man who is dismissive of things that matter to me. Again, your wedding day is just one day; make sure the man you're marrying is someone who truly treasures you because you wouldn't want to spend the rest of your life with someone who doesn't.
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    I have the same feeling as you, last week I bought two dresses online, my boyfriend thought it's a waste of money, but I don't think so, I think that the dresses I bought can make me happy and that's more important than anything else~Buy Cheap 2013 Wedding Dresses And Short Sexy Wedding Dresses Online ShopName:  380X465_e20962a.jpg
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