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    Doesn't seem to be alot of talk about the spa, wondering what to expect as far as best time for a massage, morning or evening ? Can you request male or female massage therapist ? Ready to be back in Jamaica !!!!!!!!!

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    I think the best time for a massage is anytime....choose the one that is best for you. I think that the last massage of the day is around 4 in the afternoon so I don't think an evening massage is available at the spa (that is what your SO is for). I have always had a female and to be honest have not paid any attention as to whether there is a male therapist.

    I would suggest that you try the tree hut, it is great.
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    We have really enjoyed an early morning massage on the beach, it is very peaceful as there isn't much activity on the beach and you get to hear the waves washing up on the beach.

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    Can not remember their names but me and my wife did the sunset couples massage in the treehouse and it was wonderful....

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