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    Default GRACE KETCHUP in the US

    Hi everyone,

    For those of you who enjoy the Grace Tomato Ketchup when at Couples Resorts and want to purchase it in US, it will no longer be available. There was a labeling issue with the FDA and Grace had to change the name to Tomato Sauce. They did a trial run last year of the new label and unfornately it wasn't well received in the test markets. Management at Grace has decided to discontinue the 'Tomato Sauce' (which is the same as the ketchup - we happened to get a couple of the bottles of the 'test' one) in the US.

    I thought of those who really enjoy the Grace Ketchup, send an email to Grace and let's try to change their minds. I love the ketchup because it keeps me 'home' at Couples when we can't actually be there.


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    Thank you for the info!!! I love the Ketchup! So I'm not the only one. Well that's sad.... It's so good.

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    We've never seen the Grace label here in MI but a bummer you can't get it anywhere though. I LOVE the ketchup while at the Cabana Grill at CSA. My hubby thinks I'm weird. LOL But seriously, it's just sweet and unique and yes, reminds me of Jamaica.

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    I found a few places with a search for Grace Ketchup. One was Ketchupworld. Offered Spicy Ketchup. Bulk. Another site offered Mild Grace Ketchup. Have you seen these sites?

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    My husband thinks mine weird too for loving it!! Lol he doesn't get it!

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    I always like to bring some back for my dad and, ironically, my kiddo loves it, too!

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