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    Default YS Falls or Mayfield Falls???

    We had originally thought it would be nice to visit Mayfield Falls, but the gentleman whom we've booked for our tour guide, suggested very nicely, that he thought the Mayfield Falls were more for the "athletically inclined"! Lol... We are two couples in our 50's. Do think these falls would be too much for us?, therefore go to YS falls instead?... And how far are the YS falls from CN as opposed to the Mayfield Falls?..

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    Have never been to YS Falls but we have done Mayfield Falls twice and loved it both times. While it does take some effort to climb them, it is WELL worth it. You don't need to be in top shape but if you are way over weight and totally out of shape, you may find it to be a challenge. After you climb the falls, you must climb a fairly steep valley wall to get out of the river. I hope that there never comes a day where I am in such bad shape that I could not return. That would be a massive bummer.

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    Only been to YS Falls but if you go take your bathing suit and a towel as there is a section you can walk along the top of some falls with a guide and jump in and then go up onto a perch and use a rope swing to make your next plung. You may want water shoes for this part as there are small rocks on the bottom where you walk out. Maybe my feet are just too tender? They also have zip lining down the falls. We did it all and it was lots of fun.

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