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    I can't believe people are actually weighing vacations against the birth of loved ones.
    Really? I don't. Like I previously mentioned, my mother and I are very close, but if we have another child, I don't want her at the birth, and she probably wouldn't show up till a week or two later. I would be happy for her to go on vacation - it's different for different people. that's why having these conversations with our loved ones is so important!!

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    Having been a baby once, I can honestly say I didn't care who was in the room or not. Also, being a father, I can honestly say I didn't care who was in the room or not. What do you think cameras are for. Melvin has got it, she would have felt guilty if they would have cancelled the trip and the birth was late.

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    I'm curious to know if you talked to her yet? Have you made a decision?

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    Caribbeanbound ... How does your daughter feel about this? I imagine she will be ok, since your trip was booked so far in advance and you have limited time to take vacations with your and your husbands jobs. And as pointed out, her due date is after you come back, first babies generally come a bit late, and once again, your trip was booked first, you obviously wouldn't have booked it if you had known about the future grand baby. Oh, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am a new grand mother and I LOVE IT! So much fun, all the love and spoiling, none of the stress! Enjoy both the trip and your new grand baby when he/she arrives.

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    As a Grandfather of 7, my vote is to go on vacation, its Mom and Dad turn to be at the hospital. Grandma and Grandad are in the advisory role, you dont have to be there. Of my 7 grand kids arrivals, my being at the hospital or not, made no difference to anything that occurred that day. The parents handled the decisions. In fact i had more of a roll with the 2nd grand child as i was at home watching grand child #1.

    If you still feel guilty tell your grand child that you will take them to Disney world when they are 5. But IMHO both you and grandad, should go spend some alone time together, and a fun time in Jamaica.

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    I'm expecting my first grandchild this year as well. We always travel to Couples in November ... thankfully my daughter is expecting her son to arrive in July!
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